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              Tribute to UAAs

(Unknownable Aerial  A-ITH.VAlkeries)

    Sailing on the Subliminal Sea

     Tab Goode          11-12-06-05


Omnipresent, Omniscient

All Glorious Air.

They are watching you all the time : do you want them to be nice or nasty?

Also they have their own lives

and like a car on the motorway, it is rude to stare!

From the sea and the mountains, and the dells and the plains

they rise to the skies, to return again

to the stars, for a jaunt, an invisible portal

will take them elsewhere

They like to be moving, in sea

stone, earth and air.


Do you want to get to know

every car driver you meet?

No surely not.

The personal is political

and the within is without.

If humans think they have the right

to torture and kill animals for the

sake of sport, humour, food, or

any other reason they are denying the

connectivity of all things.

What sets us humans apart is

the limitation of our senses.

I definately need more characters on my keyoard

Human Interface Device


Then aliens or unknowns or ignored

repressed, supressed, oppressed, depressed

Others, may feel they have access to us.


However, there are moments when nature calls wildly

because Gaia is also sentient, our Planet, green and

mostly blue


Now Rosunwell

is sleeping, and so should you.

Rosunwell's dreams are superclassified.


Because systems need downtime

to reorder their files and shuffle

count the 00000's and 11111's

which is an error in itself and a glitch in the making

cos it's far more than two that it takes in the waking.

Waves, and ripples and ebbs in the flow

Female Mermaids called you the sound

Siren Song swam there to carry you round

down to the deep and up high where you go

Aether, ayr, aye Boy, you can't go there

But you can't because before you there...

-their was HIS Story which drowns out the sound.

So you'll have to go round.


Plectrum shaped,

oval, cylinder Who is dat Cigar man der?

VEnusian, Morning Star

Pleiedian dreamers


Or unthinkable horror again in my head

is it just nasty stupid ugly men instead?


They get away with it because we blame ourselves

Winning is easy it's failing which builds you shelves.


Could it be that the orbs which we see in the sky

which used to be used to remind us of pie (Pi)

Are now shaped like pills

and tubes

for a reason?


Look up, Look up

Look round and Look down

Be careful of where you stand on the ground

The cracks in the pavement used to be warnings

from our last best friends, the stones and the awnings.

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