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E for Ezekiel...


Sean Connery as "Beyond 1984, Beyond 2001, Beyond Love and Hate : Zardoz" in John Boorman's 1974 Movie.

 EBE – extra-biological entity. Deep space travellers experience less gravity, unless they dwell on a heavy planet.  The darkness of space may require larger pupils and produce paler skin.  Spindly limbs may also result or  be a design requirement, or even no limbs.  Vallee and others have noted that many aliens seem to be robotic screens or remotely controlled devices.  Either using virtual technology of cyber imagery, or mechanically remote controlled or autonomous androids.  Supposing that ‘aliens’ are not robotic devices, then the word E.B.E refers to off-world biological growths.  The worm casts in the meteor from Mars (ALH 84001, 0) found at the Terrestrial North Pole and made famous in 1996 is an example, but also a humanoid would be too. At the time of this announcement it seemed to be a small concession to say that a rock should have worm casts in it.  We were expecting to hear that figurative humanoids had been discovered of an alien nature.  As the Martian Rock story was slowly and increasing picked apart and jumped on by the cyncial human mind which disavows things too painful to comprehend - the possibility of aliens began to diminish in the public's perception.  In the Majestic 12 Special Operations Manual the description is as follows (1954): "EBE Type 1…5-5 feet 4 inches in height and weigh 80-100 pounds, cranium somewhat larger [than humans] and more rounded.  The skin is pale, chalky-yellow in color, thick, and slightly pebbled in appearance.  The eyes are small, wide-set, almond-shaped, with brownish-black irises with very large pupils.  The whites of the eyes…have a pale gray cast.  The ears are small and not low on the skull.  The nose is thin and long, and the mouth is wider than in humans and nearly lipless”. No hair on the head, but maybe a little fine down on the groin and underarm. “The hands are small, with four long digits but no opposable thumb…The legs are…bowed, and the feet are somewhat splayed and proportionally large.”; EBE Type 11 “…3 feet 5 inches – 4 feet 2 inches in height and weigh 25-50 pounds…head much larger…and elongated… eyes very large, slanted, and nearly wrap around the side of the skull.  They are black with no whites showing …skull has a slight peak.  …The nose consists of two small slits which sit high above the slit-like mouth.  There are no external ears.  The skin is pale bluish-gray…darker on the back of the creature, and is very smooth and fine-celled.” No hair and not mammalian. “The arms are long…the hands have three long, tapering fingers and a thumb which is nearly as long as the fingers [second finger thick, index finger long]… the feet are small and narrow, and four toes are joined together with a membrane.” (Howe (1998) p. 364)



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