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UFO – stands for unidentified flying objects (previously called Flying Saucers) - don’t wory about them, they don’t exist, you've been reading too many tabloids, watching too many sci-fi movies - go and see the doctor and for gawd's sake get a life! -  If someone in authority tells you that, then it’s because they have been ‘identified’ or else derided to the extent of unbelievability.  If you haven't seen one with your own eyes, then it's easy to think they're a fictional myth or the work of the devil tormenting you with demons.  but what if they really are someone else's craft?  They are often so far away and so fast at maneuvering that it is better to take you're friend's or the doctor's advice and forget all about it.  You'll drive yourself nuts not knowing, the authorities will deny it, no amount of proof will be good enough and they will make a film about it next week or last decade anyway.  What are you going to do, hitchhike your way round the galaxy? UFO can also stand for underwater, but that messes up the ‘flying’ bit. I wonder what else ufo could stand for - it’s a serious point, if you give something an unexpected acronym, then you can hide it in the files.  Also known as "fast walkers" and "angels"


Underground - Whether you believe in a hollow earth or not, you must admit that mining has produced a great deal of tunnels.  For non-visibility and security it pays to hide things underground whether it be a bunker, or an entire facility in an underground complex as big as a city.  We've come a long way from picks and shovels and now have machines which can bore and clear fast, sealing the sides as they go.  There is evidence that we are doing this to the Moon aswell.  I hope they take care as the stability of the planet is at stake.  Despite the mineral ores for industry, this will provide a shelter from nuclear winter and is possibly an harbour for non-humans whether they be off-worlders, constructed genetic/bionic hybrids or ultraterrestrials (gnomes, trolls, giants etc).


Unknown - a wonderful catch all term which includes: ghosts; ufos; humanoids; cryptozoological monsters and all 'X-Files' type anomalies.  The mysterious

 other, beguiling, frightening, inspirational.  The muse of the canny investigator.  A true enigma which remains intriguing despite scientific and rational attempts to explain it with quantum mechanical theorems and formulae.  The wisdom of the spiritual realms, the trickery of the Cosmic joker dwell within this twilight zone of ephemeral weirdness which is not bound by our notions of spatial and temporal restriction but leads us further, ever further on a dancing, whirling yellow brick road to the heart of Oz or the outer limits of the mind's perception.


Uriel – She’s late, she was supposed to be back here in her Space Cadillac Cosmic Car with the Intergalactic Federation Starship in 2001. Uriel stands for Universal Radiant Infinite Eternal Light and was the pseudonym of the glam-queen-makeup-dame of ufology Ruth Norman.  She and her husband Ernest began the Universal Articulate Interdimensional Understanding of Science (Unarius) group in El Cajon, California, 1954.  They published seven channelled books in the Pulse of Creation series with the Unarius publishing company and moved on to 13 volumes of Tesla Speaks, channelling “the late pioneer of electrical research Nikola Tesla, [featuring]… Plato, Socrates, Heraclitus, Baruch Spinoza, Blaise Pascal, Martin Heidegger, Sigmund Freud, William James, Karen Horney, Nicolaus Copernicus, Johannes Kepler, Isaac Newton, Alessandro Volta, Hermann von Helmholtz, Gregor Mendel, Alexander Fleming, Joseph Priestly, James Maxwell, Alexander Graham Bell, Albert Einstein, Max Born and J. Robert Openheimer.” (Klimo (1987) p. 127)  No wonder she felt the need to dress to excess and look a million dollars in glamorous lights and sparkles whilst entertaining that lot aetherically! A very popular and lovely lady she helped the former geniuses to beam energy and information into our frequency/our level of reality in order to create harmonic wave forms. Ernest died 1971, and Ruth in 1993, but she looked

like the Fairy Goddess Archangel she was

til the last (she will be back soon,

she’s just doing her hair).



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