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Airship Mystery – 1891, July 12th  residents of Theodore Street, Ottawa, Ontario, on a Sunday evening at 7pm saw “a dark object… in the shape of a huge cigar, at one end of which there appeared to be a revolving fan, while the other end was enlarged, from which a bright light was plainly visible.  Lesser lights were visible at intervals in the center. …It was travelling from south to north, and soon passed out of sight.” (Clark (1998) p. 27)  “1896 and 1897, a mystery “airship” made appearances in America, witnessed by hundreds of people at a time, containing human crewmembers, dressed in clothes of the time, who made landings and [sometimes spoke in a foreign unintelligible tongue or] conversed in English with the locals – the mystery airship was the inspiration for young genius, technological prophet, social reformer [engineer?] and later British Intelligence man [how much later?] Herbert George Wells, to write the most famous of all Martian invasion stories in 1898: The War of the Worlds.” (Rux (1997) p. 14).  While laid up in a London hospital, he received newsclippings on the dirigibles of mysterious origin from the US.  He decided, logically enough, that “since no operational dirigibles were capable of the reported flight characteristics, and the batteries required to power the ship’s searchlights would be impossibly heavy, the mystery aircraft was of no Earthly design.  His conclusion was that it came from Mars.” (ibid p. 14-15) Perhaps this little mystery has been solved by Jenny Randles and Peter Hough in their Complete Book of UFOs  (1994).   Page 15 has a picture of the first craft of human flight, a dirigible balloon strung over with netting  with a little platform attached below, with an anchor and a propellor.  On September 24th 1852 this steam powered dirigible designed by Henri Giffard of France travelled 17 miles at 5mph.  Therefore we have a precident and as I can’t find any mystery airships reported before then, and any after that have to be suspected of being of human origin, I won’t explore it any further, but you may if you wish.  I think the Chinese probably had the same notion, they do love kites afterall, and illuminated dragons.  Perhaps it was the advent of manned flight that enticed an interaction with Others who were drawn by curiosity to see what we were up to.  Perhaps they used our invasion of their airspace as a camouflage so that they could come out and explore under cover of being [mudblood muggle] humans!  I like that idea. It’s an issue well covered by Brad and Sherry Steiger in The Rainbow Conspiracy (1994) p. 30-40) “Whatever the mysterious airship of 1897 was, and whoever was actually piloting the craft, the fact remains that the reported vehicle was many years in advance of the known terrestrial science of the day…[were they] the inspired product of some technological genius…Evidence disinterred from musty libraries in Europe indicates that certain medieval and Renaissance alchemists conducted experiments with photography, radio transmission, phonography, and aerial flight, as well as their traditional quest to transmute lead into gold…additional evidence indicates that a good many of their experiments… were successful.” (Steiger & Steiger (1994) p. 39)


Aliens - : interdimensional; inner earth; extraterrestrial (ET) - outer space or inner space; time travelling; high tech travellers; Ancient Others; Space Brothers (of either gender, or androgynous) or Religious figures.  Remember this term has been used for foreigners until recently, but since the contactee movement in the 1950s, it has come to refer to strangers who are not standard earth humans, ie they may have differently shaped bodies, or special abilities, or access to superior technologies not acknowledged by earth governments or military groups. Some theories are that humanoid dinosaurs evolved and left the planet, hence reptilians, also we have an inner core brain stem which dates back to a cold blooded reptilian history, which may connect to blood lines spoken of by David


Allende - A very discredited  - or protected/mind controlled/insane (possibly having seen something so weird and classified as to drive anyone insane) Carlos Miguel Allende. Allende wanted to explain that Einstein’s work on ‘unified field theories’ horrified Albert so much that he declared his own work ‘Incomplete’ for the sake of humanity, but that “Dr B Russell asserts that It is complete.  He also says that Man is Not Ready for it & Shan’t be until after W.W.III” (Berlitz & Moore (1979) p.30).  Allende wrote to Dr Morris Jessup and convinced him that there was an experiment conducted by the Navy using unified field technology in 1943. It was a project in invisibility in  Philadelphia Naval Ship Yard – the Philadelphia Experiment.  Allende seems quite scary, like an angel or a demon by his knowledge, here is a quote from his second letter to Jessup: “Your invocation… demanding Research in Dr Albert Einsteins Unified Field Theory May be enacted (1925-27) is Not at all necessary…The ‘result’ was complete invisibility of a ship, Destroyer type, and all of its crew.  While at Sea. (Oct. 1943)…There are only a very few of the original Expierimental D-E’s Crew Left by Now, Sir.  Most went insane, one just walked ‘throo’ His quarters Wall in sight of His Wife & Child & 2 other crew Members (WAS NEVER SEEN AGAIN), two ‘Went into ‘The Flame.’ … THEY BURNED FOR 18 DAYS.” (Berlitz & Moore (1979) p. 30-2).  The letter was written with the aid of various colours, writing styles and implements, to add emphasis and to assist in the understanding of it. Rumours have spread that some of the crew onboard rematerialized halfway embedded in the metal of the ship (ouch) and that some of them had bouts of dissappearing periodically for the rest of their lives, which was very disturbing for them. (Useful for spying though, afterall it was only the opening and closing of doors which gave the Invisible Man away.  In the vessel experiment it was the depression of water around the hull of the boat in the water which declared it’s presence. If you could pass through matter, like a ghost, that would be very useful). Remember it is probably easier to have caused a hallucination in Carlos Allende (seemingly the only, tenuous, witness) than to make a battleship disappear.  But consider the benefits of anti-gravity and invisibility to the military, and then add teleportation and time travel and wonder: are the rumours the psychological warfare, or is the psychological warfare used to cover up the existence of these technical achievements?  Was Allende a time travelling messenger from Other Realms, a ‘Man in Black’ with a warning?


Ancient Astronauts – a theory whereby God and other leading figures from Ancient texts were space travelling cosmonauts.  Popularized by the findings of Erich Von Daniken, Lloyd Pye and Zacharia Sitchin amongst others who have found evidence for air ships in antiquated sites, like cave paintings, scriptures, medieval art, in all cultures and times from prehistory onwards.  Bear in mind that time travellers from the future could plant this information retrospectively, or government or military conspirators could doctor the records to give impetus for the theory.  Time could be a fluid construct, or coiled and overlapping like a spring (or Ourobous the snake of knowledge that eats it’s own tail) and we only really know what we experience in our lifetimes as history can be rewritten. Neverthless check out the first proponent of this theory, Dr Morris Jessup, as he explains in his book – UFO And The Bible.


Angelhair – pale airy strands which fall from the sky accompanied by lights or ufos seen above.  The strands or whisps dissolve into nothing. On October 17th, 1952 in Oloron, France the early afternoon sky was blue when residents saw a cigar-shaped object pass by.  “A sort of plume of white smoke was escaping from its upper end.  At some distance in front of the cylinder, about 30 other objects were following the same trajectory…they appeared as featureless balls resembling puffs of smoke…[through] opera glasses…a central red sphere, surrounded by a sort of yellowish ring inclined at an angle…These “saucers” moved in pairs, following a broken path…[of] rapid and short zigzags. When two saucers drew away from one another, a whitish streak, like an electric arc, was produced between them.” (Clark (1998) p. 41)  A trail was left behind which fell down onto trees, telephone wires and house roofs, remaining for several hours.  A dentist called Balestra claimed the material trapped him and he had to cut himself free, whereupon it rose back up into the sky.  Other witnesses claimed that they had picked the angelhair up and rolled it into a ball, whereupon it turned into a jelly and dissolved into nothing.  This happened in Gaillac on the 27th October at 5pm.  The sighting lasted for twenty minutes “but the angel hair continued to fall for a while afterwards.  Because the material vanished, none of it could be analyzed.” (Clark, 1998 p. 42).  Scarily, angelhair has been likened to cobwebs, which reminds me of the metallic aerial spider seen by a patient of Carl Jung’s (1978, p. 45) "the way to the inner, secret world".  On May 4th 1981 in Danville, Pennsylvania, William Hummer drove home on his motorbike at 2pm. “ There were “cobwebs” hanging over houses, telephone wires, and parked cars.  Wispy material was raining from the sky…[he said] “There was something up near the sun moving around…- discs – working back and forth, and this stuff was coming down continuously…like a giant spiderweb, but when you touched it, it evaporated.” (Clark, 1998 p. 43).


Anunnaki – An is the Summerian Sun God, which is how I suppose this group got their name, they are an off world species first contacting earth 450,000 years ago and responsible for manipulating our DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid, human genomes, genetics) according to Zacharia Sitchin, who finds their influence in Ancient Sumerian records, and stone monuments like Stonehenge (Great Britain) and the Pyramids of Giza (Egypt) and Teotihuacan (Mexico). Talking of discoveries in genomes: “Scientists were amazed to find that approximately 99% of the human genes were identical to those of a chimpanzee and about 70% were identical to those of a mouse.  As if that wasn’t bad enough, the human genome contained about double the amount of genes of a fruit fly and approximately half the amount of the lowly roundworm.  How does that discovery make you feel?…223 genes did not have the required predecessors that ordinarily would have allowed them to trace the evolutionary origin of man [humankind].  This was entirely unprecedented and cannot be found in any other species, either plant or animal.  If evolution were true as a lot of people believe, the predecessors would have to exist.  Apparently the Summerian answer was correct after all… [as elaborated upon by] Zacharia Sitchin…’The Case of Adam’s Alien Genes’.  We pick up the quote where Enki, the Chief Scientist of the Anunnaki suggested they use their genetic knowledge to create Primitive Workers needed to do the work objected to by the rank and file Anunnaki.  The others of his group asked him as to how he would go about creating such a worker.  He answered that the being already existed and all they had to do was “put their mark upon it.” Now quoting Sitchin: “What he had in mind was to upgrade genetically the existing hominids, who were already on Earth through Evolution, by adding some of the genes of the more advanced Anunnaki.  That the Anunnaki, who could already travel in space 450,000 years ago, possessed the genomic science (whose threshold we have now reached) is clear not only from the actual texts but also from numerous depictions in which the double-helix of the DNA is rendered as Entwined Serpents (a symbol still used for medicine and healing.)  When the leaders of the Anunnaki approved the project (as echoed in the biblical “Let us fashion the Adam”) Enki with the help of Ninharsag, the Chief medical Officer of the Anunnaki, embarked on a process of genetic engineering, by adding and combining genes of the Anunnaki with those of the already-existing hominids. (Honey (2002) p. 296 – 297).


Apollo – (Apollyon is the Devil – a fallen angel, too proud to respect humans and jealous of their status as God’s creation, the Devil or Satan was previously God’s favourite the Prince of Light, Lucifer – though these maybe different characters, we don’t know.  Anyway, if humans are bad then he is worse).  Apollo in Greek history was the son of Zeus and God of music, poetry, archery, prophecy and medicine, very rational and masculine in an orderly restrictive sense. Also refers to an asteroid which orbits the Earth, first one found was Apollo 1862, discovered in 1932. In ufology it refers to the NASA space programme which went to the Moon. My favourite clip of this is of an astronaut running or jump-floating as fast as he can and the very obviously dubbed voice-over overlaid “hippety hoppety, hippety hoppety” when he was probably screaming “the aliens are here sir and their after me!”.  Why no one questioned the sanity of an astronaut leisurely drivelling on about “hippety hoppety” as if there was all the time in the world and he was on a holiday beach, I’ll never know. Maybe it was counter informative double double bluff? Based on the V2 rockets designed by Werner Von Braun these missions apparently put man on the moon (November, 1969), but there is doubt about that due to the prohibitive radiation of the Van Allan Belt, the enormous one upmanship which America needed in it’s propaganda war against the Cold War Era Soviets (the Russians were the first in Space with Uri Gregarin, 1961 and they had the Lunik probe orbiting the Moon in 1959) and the overly professional photographic and film footage allegedly depicting humanity’s progress on the Moon, but which have shadows pointing in the wrong directions, space without stars, blue sky through the Apollo windows, and perfect filler and back lighting, with spots and diffusion when in fact the only source of light was the unidirectional Sun.  These anomalies throw the missions’ credibility into doubt and hint at a cover up. NASA would not necessarily tell us if the Moon was hollow, or if Others in ET spacecraft were already present. “James Lovell on board Apollo 8 command module came out from behind the moon and said for everybody to hear: ‘Please be informed that there is a Santa Claus’.  Even though this happened on Christmas day 1968, many people sensed a hidden meaning in those words.” (Our Ancestors Came From Outer Space, by Chatelain Maurice (1980) p.25).  Neil Armstrong (Apollo 11, first man to set foot on Luna surface “one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”) has said this (though later obfuscated it lingually): “…the fact is, we were warned off.  There was never any question then of a space station or moon city…their ships were far superior to ours both in size and technology – Boy, were they big!…and menacing…No, there is no question of a space station…NASA was committed at that time, and couldn’t risk a panic on earth…But it really was a quick scoop and back again” (Above Top Secret, by Timothy Good (1993) p.383)  Armstrong declared “that the CIA was behind the cover-up” of Others encountered on the Moon.  Apollo 11 seems to have established a “Tranquillity Base” though, according to William J. Birnes (2004) p.305.  Apparently during the Apollo 12 mission they discovered that the moon “rang like a gong” when struck, suggesting hollowness (Birnes p. 22).  For more information see Underground Bases and Tunnels, by Richard Sauder, Ph.D. : “1980s documents from Los Alamos National Laboratory and from Texas A&M University (under contract to NASA) indicate that there are plans to use "nuclear subselene tunneling machines" to melt tunnels under the Moon's surface, to make living, working, mining and transportation facilities for a lunar colony. A 1986 Los Alamos report calls for using a fission powered, nuclear subselene to provide the heat to "melt rock and form a self-supporting, glass-lined tunnel suitable for Maglev or other high-speed transport modes." (Maglev would mean Majestic Level security clearance operatives presumably?). The report recommends burrowing beneath the surface because of the harsh lunar environment.” (This would apply to Mars as well, so perhaps rumours of alien presence is a cover for covert NASA operations, or perhaps NASA is assisting ETs for financial, mineral or technological gain).


Apports – (French word relating to doorway) materialisation of something from air (also dissapearances of objects) a sign from another realm (like when your keys go missing etc).  The Scole Experiment: Scientific Evidence for Life After Death (1999)  by Jane and Grant Solomon, documents five years of working with Spirits from 1993-98.  Project Alice 1998 and other photographic and video captures from the Scole Experiment show the beauty of other dimensional realms.  There is also poetry.  The apports appeared, like the rest of the experiment, in tightly controlled scientific conditions, and include: a Churchill coin; wooden monkey; large amethyst crystal cluster; water; comic seaside postcard with the words ‘if living please write – if dead, don’t bother’; tiny gold disc with hieroglyphics the source of which is unknown; original Daily Mail newspaper 01/04/1944; sacred ash from the funeral pyre of an Indian holy man; silver charm with cross, anchor and heart – engraved with the words ‘Faith, Hope and Charity’, and forty other items.


APRO – Coral & Jim Lorenzen.  Founders of APRO (Aerial Phenomena Research Organization) in 1952. This was “the first major UFO research organization…they investigated the case of George Adamski, one of the most celebrated contactee cases …they take the extraterrestrial position.  The possibility that UFOs may be dimensional craft is scientifically untenable to them…They believe that the ufonauts will in time establish open contact” (Briazack & Mennick (1978) p. 124).  John Spencer thinks that their work “did much to promote an acceptance of the claims witnesses were making” in the early years of the contactee movement (Spencer (1991) p. 242). William Birnes has got them down as monitoring “`subversive’ activities by the CIA” (Birnes (2004) p. 9) but apparently they were more interested in researching, investigating and documenting sightings reports and wrote books on their work.  Coral wrote: Flying Saucers, the Startling Evidence of Invasion from Outer Space (1966) and then they wrote the following books together; UFOs Over the Americas (1968); UFOs, the Whole Story (1969); Abducted! Confrontations With Beings From Outer Space (1977); Encounters With UFO Occupants (1976).  Sadly Jim died of cancer on August 28th 1986, followed by Coral of respiratory disease, April 12th 1988.


Area 51 – (Dreamland) Groom Lake high-security military research installation, Nellis Test Range for Tactical Fighter Weapons Centre, Nevada.  This facility is so secret that it’s existence has been denied completely by official government, but it is also a cult symbol and gets a mention in the Independence Day film as a research centre for ET concerns (although when the producers mentioned it, official government assistance with research for the film ended).  In UFOs and the National Security State by R Dolan (2002) it barely gets a mention, only to say it was “newly developed” in 1955 (p.180).  It may be controlled by the Air Force Special Security Services (the air arm of the National Security Agency) but the project mentioned, the U-2 spy plane Dolan says was a CIA project.  Civilians have tried to spy on this base but their “Look Out Point” was the subject of a landgrab by the military, who enlarged the base’s perimeter to prevent civilians being able to overlook it’s activities. In 1984 the USAF “illegally seized 89,000 acres of public land” called Groom Range (Timothy Good, Alien Liaison (1991) p. 140).  Considering the remote location of the base in the Nevada Desert, and the fact that most civilians in that region would rather be in Las Vegas, this shows the determination of ufologically minded people (as seen in the movie Close Encounters, where the protagonists lose their families and risk their lives to pursue their “need to know”).  It was an odd landgrab as the military had to legally claim the land whilst denying the existence of the base which was the reason for the  need to own the land!  There are satellite photographs of the base, and most people now assume that  it’s just for show and the really top secret operations have gone elsewhere.  Still sends a tingle down the spine though and consumables bearing this logo still sell well.  The dark side of this black budget facility though is that they have been burning toxic waste here and causing the deaths of their workers who had insufficient protection. Go onto it’s designated areas and you will be shot on sight (read the security signs) they have motion sensors and armed guards at all times, and there’s no point anyway as there’s nothing to see on the surface except a few air strips and outhouses.  People do gather at Rachel, Nevada to discuss bizarre aircraft they have seen overhead, and to have a drink at the Little Ale Inn, and look at the photos.  See ‘CammoDude’ for further information - a researcher with info on the net. Bill Uhouse says that in May 1953 he witnessed a ufo shot down by a radar pulse.  The military took it intact but were so scared of the humming noise and the strange interior which left them disorientated and nauseous that they left it on the Area 51 tarmac, outside in full view for nine months!  “Uhouse was among many other people who have come forward since the 1950s to say they had worked alongside gray aliens at U.S. military bases for years” (Birnes (2004) p. 183)


Arnold – Kenneth. This pilot was interviewed in the newpapers for seeing, on 24 June 1947, a fleet or flock of shining aircraftover the Cascade Mountains which have never been identified.  Often credited as the father of modern ufology because he said “They flew like a saucer would if you skipped it across the water” (Birnes (2004) p. 24) thus launching the phrase ‘Flying Saucers’. Ironically the objects he saw were more of a crescent shape than the circular variety.  On 29 July ’47, Arnold saw another 20-25 small brass tinted aerial objects 400 yards away from his plane as he flew over La Grande Valley, Oregon (USA).  Typical of the Oz factor as Jenny Randles calls it, whereby what is expected doesn’t occur (weirdness) the footage he took of the event only captured some of the objects, and none of the details (see Arnold’s book The Coming of the Saucers). “September 15 [1947] – less than four months after Arnold saw discs soaring over Mount Ranier and only two months after the Roswell Incident – President Harry S Truman signed into law the National Security Act of 1947, which among other things created the National Security Council (NSC) and the air force as a separate branch of service, united the military branches under a Department of Defense, and created America’s first peacetime civilian intelligence organisation, the Central Intelligence Agency [MJ-12 was created at this time aswell]” (Marrs (1997) p. 149).  I guess this is the Cold War era beginning and ‘aliens’ was the reason given by Reagan to unify Soviet and USA interests thus ending it too with the Strategic Defense Initiative.


Aurora – Goddess of the Dawn (Greek Eos) reputedly she used to kidnap young earthmen and whisk them away to Celestial regions.  A luminous electrical atmospheric phenomenon occuring above the magnetic Poles.  On April 17, 1897 a big aluminum and silver ‘cigar –shaped’ radioactive craft, “making a speed of only ten or twelve miles an hour and gradually settling toward the earth” over Aurora, North Texas (USA) crashed into Judge Proctor’s windmill, which aparently caused the death of it’s small humanoid pilot who was buried the next day in the local cemetry.  “Mr T. J Weems, the U.S Signal Service officer at this place and an authority on astronomy, gives it his opinion that he [the pilot] was a native of the planet Mars.  Papers found on his person – evidently records of his travels – [?] are written in some unknown hieroglyphics and cannot be deciphered” (see Jim Marrs, Alien Agenda, 1997, p. xxvii, referrencing the Dallas Times Herald April 19, 1897).  Apparently the local people took home samples of the crashed craft’s metal, and some of the craft was buried with the pilot.  Bill Case and Jim Marrs have had this analysed by Dr Tom Gray who found anomalies in it’s composition, but the proof isn’t available, theft took place, Bill Case died and a cover-up ensued (I think this is why Marrs places it in his intro, as many similar cases in the area were debunked, and he is very thorough, I think Rule by Secrecy was republished with new information after this).  Aurora is also the name used for the top secret Black Budget aircraft (the Cockroach) used in precision night strikes against Iraq in the first Gulf War.  A hyper sonic mach 5 vehicle (five times the speed of sound) whose estimated speed is 6,000 miles per hour and is reputed to be one of a number of reverse engineered projects derived from UFO technology, possibly accounting for sightings of black triangular craft. This is part of the Stealth technology programme, which includes the B2, another dangerous weapon in a black or invisible triangular format.


AVRO – apparently non operational, yet decidedly saucer shaped German/American Air Force devices.  In Italian Ministry of Aeronautics documents dated September 16th 1946, it states that the BBC reported in August ’46 that a Bedfordshire aeronautics research centre would be manufacturing “machines that it is hoped will be able tor each at least 1,500 mph”, and went on to claim the machines had already been tested and needed fuel only for take off and landing, not for flight “this new development of British scientists is the greatest step that aeronautics has taken since man began to fly.” (Marrs (1997) p. 114-5).  Apparently the work went over to the Royal Canadian Air Force and a company called A. V. Roe Ltd (hence the name AVRO) who were reported in the Toronto Star newspaper to be “working on a mockup model of a ‘flying saucer’ capable of flying 1,500 miles per hour and climbing straight up in the air.” (ibid p.115).  The AVRO Ltd saucer designs were the AV-9 and the AZ-9, disc-shaped, jet-powered craft by John Frost, and were first flown apparently in 1959 (and canceled in 1960, unless it went top secret).  Similarly publicly unsuccessful, yet allowing an excuse to say that the saucer shaped craft were human inventions was the ‘flying flapjack’ V-173 (1942) designed by H Zimmerman for the US Navy.  Chance-Vought Corporation test flew it and it was on show in the Smithsonian Institute, yet apparently it was abandoned as impractical in 1947 (ibid p. 116).  So the question is are they a separate top secret craft hard to detect and hidden due to Nazi or ET origins?  Or is it that we cannot replicate them, and so are loath to admit that they exist?

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