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Leir – Roger.  Dr Leir from Southern California is known as the “Alien Implant Surgeon” he has documented his removals of implants in The Alien and the Scalpel.  He has noticed that not only is there no obvious point of entry for the object, which is often found deep under the skin, but also no rejection of the object by the bodies natural defenses.   There is an extremely tough membrane around the implant made of the person’s own tissues (hair or nails) with neural propriocepter cells connected directly to the nervous system. “When he touched the object with a probe, the heavily anesthetized patient awoke and almost jumped off the operating table.  Susequent tests performed on this object showed it to be composed of elements in proportions not naturally found on earth.  One testing lab suggested to Dr. Leir that the object had originated in outer space, possibly from a meteorite.” (Birnes (2004) p. 190)


Lemon – Gene.  On September 12th 1952 thousands of people saw a glowing UFO over West Virginia.  Mrs Kathleen May, her three young sons and a National Guardsman called Gene Lemon were in Sutton and they saw it land on a hill. “They climbed the hill towards where they believed the object had landed and Lemon turned on a torch to sweep the area.  They noticed a malodorous, suffocating smell.  As they approached the spot where they believed the landing to have taken place they saw two shining eyes and turned the torch on them, thinking they would discover something like a racoon in a tree.  In fact what they saw was a huge creature nine feet tall with a glistening red face and protuding eyes a foot apart.  The monster glowed dully green and started moving towrds them, making an odd hissing noise.” (Spencer (1991) p. 233).  Obviously they ran and phoned the Sheriff.  The malodorous smell turned out to something akin to mustard gas, covering the boys faces with a greasy slick and making their throats swell.  Lemon suffered convulsions.  The Sheriff and his dogs wouldn’t go near the place.  The next morning the UFO was observed flying away and flattened grass landing traces were witnessed.  The Air Force said it was an owl and a meteor.  They said the giant figure was undergrowth, the witnesses illnesses was fright and the landing traces were caused by the investigators!  Strange sort of meteor that lands and then leaves.


LSD – a CIA produced mind altering chemical which produces strong hallucinations.  In the study of non-lethal weapons they have used it on unwitting military and civilian persons.  It may open psychic pathways but can cause permanent psychotic episodes and flashbacks.  Better to astral travel without it. “After the demise of [Andrija] Puharich’s Round Table he spent time with social engineer Aldous Huxley in Tecate, Mexico, again studying the effects of electronics on the human organism.  Puharich was also employed at the Army’s Chemical and Biological Warfare Centre at Fort Derrick, Maryland, researching the effects of LSD for the CIA in 1954…Permanente Research Foundation…Sandoz Chemical Works…radio tooth implant…” (Keith (1999) p. 176).  “Others involved in the acide-drugging of the world included Captain Alfred M. Hubbard of the OSS, the Treasury Department, the Federal Narcotics Bureau, and the Food and Drug Administration…Mafia…In 1968, at the height of the hippie phase, Hubbard joined the world’s largest military research think tank, Stanford Research Institute…SRI was founded in 1946, reportedly by agents of the Tavistock Institute…SRI had already received Army money for research into “chemical incapacitants”…linked in its database with 2,500 other organization…Bell Telephone, US Army Intelligence…Naval Intelligence, RAND, Harvard and MIT…LSD drugging of America was not limited…In the Proceedings of the 19th Annual convention and Scientific Program of the Society of biological Psychiatry, that took place in Los Angeles, May 13, 1964, it is reported: “In the children’s unit of Creedmore State Hospital with a resident population of 450 patients, ages 4 to 15, we have investigated the responses of some of these children to lysergic acid and related drugs in the psychiatric, psychological and biochemical areas…magnitude of the  LSD drugging program…retooling of the American psyche…far-reaching pacification program.” (Keith (1999) p. 111-113)


Lubbock Lights – Texas (again with the Texans!).  On August 25th 1951 at 9.20pm four scientific college Professors, drinking tea and discussing micrometeors, saw bluish-green (tourquoise) lights (15-30 of them) in a semicircular formation.  An hour later the lights went over again but this time were in a randomly spaced group.  Over the next weeks they saw the lights twelve times, always going north to south.  Two or three flights were often seen in one night, apart from the first time, they were not in any regular pattern. They were reputable people: Dr W. I. Robinson – a geologist; Dr A. G. Oberg – chemical engineering; Dr George – a physicist; W. L Ducker – Head of the Petroleum Engineering Department (mind you, I should assume that those professions are relatively boring).  Other witnesses were sending reports in too though, as Edward J. Ruppelt, the Head of Project Blue Book comments: “34th Air Defense at Kirtland AFB…said that on the evening of August 25, 1951, an employee of the Atomic Energy Commission’s supersecret Sandia Corporation and his wife had seen a UFO…gazing at the night sky…both of them were startled at the sight of a huge airplane flying swiftly and silently over their home…[an] estimated 800 to 1,000 feet [above them].  It was the shape of a “flying wing” and one and a half times the size of a B-36.  the wing was sharply swept back, almost like a V…They couldn’t see the color of the UFO but they did notice that there were dark bands running across the wing from front to back.  On the aft edge of the wings there were six to eight pairs of soft, glowing, bluish lights. [it passed over]… from north to south.” (Ruppelt (1956) p. 96-7) “On August 31 an amateur photographer [Carl Hart, who saw them always in a perfect V formation] had taken five photos of the lights. Also…two ladies had seen a large “aluminum-colored,” “pear-shaped” object hovering near a road north of Lubbock.” (ibid p. 97).  The radar station reported “that early on the morning of August 26…two different radars had shown a target travelling 900 miles per hour at 13,000 feet on a northwesterly heading.  The target had been observed for six minutes and an F-86 jet interceptor had been scrambled” but the ufo had gone by the time it got there. (ibid p. 97-8).  “For two weeks hundreds of other people for miles around Lubbock reported that they saw the same lights” (ibid p. 100). “One lady saw a flying venetian blind and another a flying double boiler” [!] (ibid p. 101).  Trying to hide themselves, the Lubbock Lights played a funny trick.  An eighty year old man and his wife lived nearby in Lamesa.  They saw two or three of the lights and were terrified.  The third time they saw the lights “one of the lights emitted a sound.  It said “Plover.”  The old gentleman had immediately identified it as a plover, a water bird about the size of a quail” (ibid p. 102).  The point here is that to alleviate their fear, the unknown spoke to them, suggesting a possible explanation which induced the witnesses to see the explanation, and thereby lose their fear of it.  This is the origin of the scientific explanation of the lights as “flocks of migrating birds whose bellies reflected the nearby street lights” (Birnes (2004) p. 193).  Two radar stations picked them up travelling at “900 mile-per-hour” speed (Ruppelt (1956) p. 103). MJ-12 got involved (“a group who, due to their associations with the government, had complete access to our files…rocket experts, nuclear physicists, and intelligence experts” (ibid p. 109).) Ruppelt concludes that this case “convinced them all the more that their ideas of how a spaceship might operate was correct…one of the most interesting and most controversial collection of UFO sightings ever to be reported to Project Blue Book” (ibid p. 110).


Lunar Anomalies – CCCP or Russian space probes to the Moon began in 1959.  Luna 9, a Soviet probe in orbit around the Moon in the 1960s “photographed…runway formations, pyramid-shaped objects, and other apparent artificial structures.  Luna 9’s gravitational readings also suggested that the moon might have a hollow core, with several large centers of localized intense gravity…as if there were huge structures built underground” (Birnes (2004) p. 193).  A good reference book for this is Our Mysterious Spaceship Moon (1975) by Don Wilson.  “In 1968, a year before US astronauts landed on the moon, NASA published Technical Report R-277 entitled Chronological Catalogue of Reported Lunar Events, which listed more than 570 moon anomalies from 1540 to 1967 [including these ones:] A “star” was seen within the body of a crescent moon “directly between the points of her horns” on March 5, 1587.  A small white “cloud” was seen on the moon on November 12, 1671, by French astronomer Gian Domenico Cassini, who was director of the Paris Observatory. Flashes of light seen on the moon on May 18, 1787…March and April 1787, Britain’s Sir Frederick William Herschel…claimed to have sighted three “bright spots”, four “volcanoes”, and lights moving “above the moon.”…April 24, 1882, moving shadows were seen in the moon’s Aristotle area…September 13, 1959, something blocked the view of the Littrow area, and on June 21, 1964…[a] mysterious dark mass was observed for more than two hours…A “black cloud surrounded by violet color” was seen in the Sea of Tranquility by Canadian astronomers on September 11, 1967.” (Marrs (1997) p.18-20).  Apparently according to New York Herald Tribune’s science editor a bridge appeared across the Mare Crisium crater on July 29th 1953, this claim was validated by Dr H. P.  Wilkens and Sir Patrick Moore.  Orbiter 3 photographed The Shard in the Ukert lunar region (a hovering object over a mile long) and then there is The Tower, five miles high in the Sinus Medii.  See them both in photo 84M by Lunar Orbiter 3.  “The top of the Tower has a very cubic geometry and appears to be composed of regular cubes joined together to form a very large cube with an estimated width of over one mile!” (Marrs (1997) p. 22).  “Russian space engineer Alexander Abramov added to the mystery by stating, “The distribution of these lunar objects is similar to the plan of the Egyptian pyramids constructed by Pharaohs Cheops, Chephren and Menkaura at Gizeh, near Cairo.  The centres of the spires in this lunar ‘abaka’ are arranged in precisely the same way as the apices of the three great pyramids.” (Marrs (1997) p. 23)  Actually there is no proof that the Gizeh pyramids, especially the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx, were constructed by Pharoahs, as they seem to be much older than that.  The Pharoahs just came along later and inscribed their names.  Hoagland says that the Lunar Orbiter footage of clouds is only “water-droplet”[s] (Hoagland (1996) p. 445) which is a bit cheeky of him, when you consider what he is asking us to believe!    For  example: “Orbital photography revealed a highly geometric “crystalline shard” – apparently created out of glass…Other orbital images show a comparable glistening glass structure – called “the Castle”…an apparent remnant of an ancient lunar dome once covering the eastern Sinus Medii region.  The highly reflective object seems to be hanging on an apparent sagging cable – suspending it at least nine miles above the surface of the Moon.” (Hoagland (1996) p. 452-453).  People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones!


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