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Hangar 18 – The large shed (usually used for storing aircraft) at Wright Patterson USAF base, Ohio where the Roswell Incident crash recovery items were taken in 1947 for work by the Foreign Technology Division.  In the 1990’s a cable network film crew were allowed in for a documentary and found it had “several curious-looking storage compartments built into the testing chamber’s walls, covered by ancient-looking heavy iron doors – perhaps the remains of decades-old freezer compartments used for storing something really ‘foreign’?” (Birnes (2004) p. 153).  A similarly cult iconic Hangar 84 is in Roswell Army Air Field.  Apparently Senator Montoya (Govenor of New Mexico) saw the bodies laid out there after the crash debris was recovered.  His chauffeur Ruben Anaya said that when he came back from that viewing the Senator was very shaken up and said “Let’s get the hell out of here!” because he had seen “little people with big heads, and one of them was still alive and was walking around” (Channel 4 Secret History documentary The Roswell Incident, 1995).


Heaven’s Gate a cult which used the appearance of Haleys’ Comet (1987) as an excuse to follow their leader (M. H. Applewhite, psychiatric patient and Bonny Nettles, his nurse) and take their physical lives in the hope of catching a celestial lift on the “companion” object travelling in it’s tail.  If space and time don’t exist in the other dimensions, then there is no hurry to end your life, and if ETs are so advanced that they can abduct your soul from a closed room, cause missing time and numerous other ‘magical’ things then don’t insult them by brutally terminating your natural life, that’s my advice. They had a very strict preparatory dietary regime, was this to prepare the body for soul departure, or just a nasty fascistic control freak part of conditioning people into taking their lives for you?  Does God care which way you slice an apple or peel a potato?


Helen – An abductee reported by Jacques Vallee in Dimensions (1988)  in the summer of 1968 she saw with three other people, in the early morning near Los Angeles a bright white light.  Silently it approached their car and shone beams of light on each of them resulting in an apparent out of body experience.  She underwent hypnosis to recover the details and found she had witnessed a motor mechanism, shown to her by a man onboard the saucer.  She spent her life trying to replicate the device, but in our understanding of physics it was a futile mission apparently, as it was found not to be capable of working (mind you, physics changes depending on who is looking!). (Spencer (1991) p. 180).


Hesemann – Michael, author of Beyond Roswell.  Had the success of finding Soviet space program officials who were willing “to admit on camera that not only were the scientists and military officers in the Russian space program aware of the existence of UFOs, but that aliens are interacting with human beings” (Birnes (2004) p. 154).


Higdon – Carl.  On October 25th 1974 an oil driller by profession was hunting for elk in Wyoming.  When he went to fire his rifle, “the bullet slowly floated out of the end of the gun and fell gently to the ground fifty feet away.” (Spencer (1991) p 183).  Finding himself in what abductees term a “cone of silence” where normal sounds are suspended, Higdon noticed movement to his left and felt a tingling, realising the approaching movement was a strange alien.  The being “had no chin or jaw and his face extended down to his throat” (ibid) with yellow skin, no lips but large teeth, small eyes and no ears and antenna from his forehead.  Higdon found himself in a cube shaped UFO along with the elk (alive but in suspended animation) and the alien used a device to show Higdon images of the aliens’ world, apparently showing humans living there quite happily.  Higdon was found in his truck stuck in the middle of a ravine by a search party.  Under regression later he felt he had been rejected by the alien for being infertile.


Hill 60 – This refers to an area near Suvla Bay, Gallipoli in the Mediterranean.  In August 1915 the First Fourth Norfolk regiment of the British Army went to reinforce the position on Hill 60. “Twenty-two men of the New Zealand Field Company” watched the eight hundred Norfolk soldiers march into ‘lenticular clouds’ which despite the wind were not moving, and apparently that was the end of them (Spencer (1991) p. 184).  Lenticular clouds are lens shaped or lozenge shaped clouds.  UFOs get explained away sometimes as being clouds in the shape of a UFO, but if it’s not moving with the breeze, then you have to wonder.  


Hill – Barney and Betty, an unusually enlightened and open minded couple who were able to marry across a racial divide.  This famous case occurred on 19th September 1961, into the early hours of the 20th.   Driving home to Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Betty saw a bright star which seemed to be following their car.  Barney stopped and observed it through binoculars.  Seeing windows he thought it was a plane, but focusing in he saw people and looked into their eyes. ‘V’ shaped hovering objects with red lights appeared from the main object. Terrified, the Hills drove away but heard a strange beeping (like a tuning fork being struck) and began to feel drowsy.  Another set of beeps later and Betty said “Now do you believe in flying saucers?”, “Of course not!” replied Barney.  They arrived home with two hours missing, arriving at 5am rather than the expected 3am.  They noticed shiny patches on the car’s paintwork and held a compass to them which spun wildly.  Betty began to have nightmares about being captured by strange creatures in the days that followed, but it wasn’t until Barney began showing severe signs of post-traumatic stress disorder – inexplicable anxieties and obsessions, high blood pressure and stomach ulcers, that they sought the help of NICAP.  This was on September 26th and Betty’s letter was addressed to Donald Keyhoe, the leading ufologist in the US, because Betty had found his book in the local library for contact and help since the abduction: The Flying Saucer Conspiracy (1955).  Her letter states that they had seen “many figures scurrying about as though they were making some hurried type of preparation.  One figure was observing us from the windows.  From the distance this was seen, the figures appeared to be about the size of a pencil, and seemed to be dressed in some type of shiny black uniform.” (Clark (1998) p. 274).   An astronomer-ufologist called Walter N. Webb was referred to them by NICAP and visited their house on the 21st October. He conducted interviews with them to gather what they consciously recalled, the first of which lasted six hours.  Betty described the craft: “a band of lights running along the edge of a disc-shaped structure, with a red light on either side of it.  The object was moving in a steplike pattern, tilting vertically as it initiated each “step”, spinning all the while.” (Clark (1998) p.275) and on December 14th 1963 they underwent hypnotic regression with Dr Benjamin Simon a well-known Boston psychiatrist by referral of Dr Stephens, Barney’s GP.  What they recalled made worldwide headline news and was published as The Interrupted Journey by John G Fuller in 1966.   The beings they encountered were  “too strange to be humans, yet not strange enough to be greys” (Baker (1999) p. 102). “The strange figures were slightly over five feet tall, with oversized chests and noses, black hair, and dark eyes.  Their skin was gray.  They wore uniforms consisting of trousers, short jackets, slip-on shoes or boots, and caps vaguely similar to those worn by the Air Force.” (Clark (1998) p. 279)  It seems that Barney saw hair while Betty didn’t, and Betty saw big noses while Barney saw no noses.  “The aliens conducted a reproductive sampling process on the Hills, which in Betty’s case was a needle inserted into her abdomen.  When she told the psychiatrist, he was sceptical as he’d never heard of such a test. It was discovered that although the test had been invented in the 1950s it wasn’t brought into common usage until the late 1960s (Randles & Hough (1994) p. 151). Barney had been terrified after looking at the UFO with binoculars, and expressed the fear to Betty of them being about to be captured “like a bug in a net” by the strangers (Clark (1998) p. 276). Under hypnosis in 1964 he said “I felt like the eyes had pushed into my eyes” (ibid p. 284) as the aliens approached the car.  Telepathy is an issue here, it seems to have been in effect as Barney seems to have received a message about the forthcoming contact. Barney Hill recalls that the leader’s “lips are not moving…the lips [were] without the muscle that we have” (ibid p. 290).  Mr Hill continues “All I see are these eyes…They’re up close to me, pressing against my eyes.  That’s funny.  I’m not afraid.” (ibid p. 291) Barney’s false teeth which unexpectedly came out, surprised and intrigued the aliens, but they thought it was normal for humans: “the leader opened Betty’s mouth and acted as if he were trying to pull her teeth out.  When that didn’t work, he asked why Barney’s teeth were removable and hers weren’t…Betty laughingly explained that Barney had dentures” (Clark (1998) p. 280). But the most unusual aspect was that Mrs Hill nearly got a trophy book in a strange script to take home!  Unfortunately the rest of the alien crew argued about this and it was taken back to prevent there being any proof of the encounter (there were about twelve aliens).  Betty had the foresight to enquire as to their planet of origin and had been shown a star map which she drew under hypnosis. In 1968, this was recreated in three dimensional format using beads and string by astronomer Marjorie E. Fish and with the help of Terence Dickinson they were able to fathom it as being in the region of Zeta Reticuli.   Sadly “Barney died suddenly of a cerebral hemorrhage on February 25, 1969, at age 46” (Clark (1998) p. 286)  Betty’s sightings of UFOs increased, and it seems to me that there might be a connection, in a spiritual sense, because the Hills were very active in the civil rights and equality movements. “Barney…served on the advisory board of the US Civil Rights Commission…Betty worked days as a social worker…and devoted her evenings to volunteer labor for the local chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.  They were also devoted members of the Unitarian-Universalist Church” (Clark (1998) p. 275).  Perhaps the ufonauts chose Barney as an aetheric ambassador to enable improved communications between races of aliens and humans, and he came back often to visit her in UFOs.  What with the star map and the offer of a book for Betty, the aliens obviously felt the need to communicate something profound to her.  Or perhaps they were sorry for the stress caused.  Betty died of lung cancer at the age of 85 on 17th October 2004.


Hill-Norton – Lord.  Admiral of the Fleet and former Chief of Defence Staff (1971-3).  He worked with Timothy Good to bring about disclosure of the subject: “I am sure that during my time as Chief of the Defence Staff I could not have failed to be let in on the secret, but I was not, and if I had been I should not be writing these words…the enormous and very consistent weight of evidence from sightings, and even optical and radar measurements, make it clear enough to me that the technology of construction and propulsion of these devices is far in advance of even that of our space probes, never mind our manned space flights.  I am certain that were such technology in actual use anywhere on earth it would have surfaced, either in war or, perhaps more likely in industry.” (Good (1987) p. 9)  As for the element of not telling the people as it would cause panic, Lord Hill-Norton says “The man in the street could hardly be more frightened than he is already of nuclear weapons.” (ibid)  He has said “The more pressure that can be put on governments about UFOs the better” (Spencer (1991) p. 186).


Hillenkoetter – Navy Vice-Admiral Roscoe H. Hillenkoetter, first Director of the CIA in 1947.  “He was also on the board of NICAP (National Investigation Committee on Aerial Phenomena) which appears to have suffered considerable CIA infiltration” (how strange, I wonder how that can be! I can’t imagine a CIA link!  If you see the word CIA then expect all the dirty tricks they are known for).  He stated that “through official secrecy and ridicule, many citizens are led to believe the unknown flying objects are nonsense.” (Spencer (1991) p. 186).  “Hillenkoetter was also at the top of the Majestic-12 Special Studies Group list appointed by President Harry S. Truman in 1947 to oversee matters concerning the UFO phenomenon” (Howe (1998) p. 24).  “By early 1962, according to Keyhoe, the CIA struck at NICAP in order to block a threatened showdown which might have ended the UFO cover-up….Although NICAP had lost battle after battle, it continued to fight doggedly on.  In February, a plan was germinating among congressmen to end UFO secrecy using a statement by Roscoe Hillenkoetter, by far NICAP’s most prestigious member… Keyhoe  therefore planned to see Hillenkoetter directly at his residence in New York…Keyhoe did not get the chance to see Hillenkoetter…[instead] Keyhoe received a letter from Hillenkoetter which announced his resignation from NICAP and stated that he decided not to proceed with any UFO investigation or announcement.” (Dolan (2002) p. 258-9).  Hillenkoetter wrote: “The air force cannot do any more under the circumstances.  It has been a difficult assignment for them, and I believe we should not continue to criticize their investigations.  I am resigning as a member of the NICAP board of governors.” (Dolan (2002) p. 190).


Hoagland – Richard, an investigator into the Martian Monuments: “"That they were made by Martians, –by intelligence….  In the case of the Martian City, we had already passed beyond …proving there was something enigmatic on the planet.  Viking had furnished exquisite photography of both the Face and the City….  More because I couldn'’t truly believe that I had found “a Martian City” than to convince anyone else, I began devising tests, …the image in the Martian desert…, a distant, serene, almost god-like representation of a human likeness …reminded [me] overwhelmingly of Egypt…ian statues, temples …cut out of the “living rock” overlooking the Nile….  Alignments. Egyptian temples …were celestially aligned, some to certain stars, such as Sirius, others to the rising sun.  DiPietro and Molenaar had noted the “pyramid” found standing on its hill about ten miles southwest of the Face was pointed directly north – as [are] the famed pyramids of Egypt …the entire “main avenue orientation” of “the City/Face unit” was aimed not “east/west,”…but northeast/southwest; toward the sunrise/sunset."” (Hoagland (1996) p. 48-51).  Cassini Mission images from 26th July 2009 proved to Hoagland that there were artificial structures in the B ring of Saturn.  See his website Enterprise Mission in link to the left of this text.


Hollow Earth theory – In 1947 Admiral Richard E Byrd went to the Arctic saying “I’d like to see that land beyond the Pole.  That area beyond the Pole is the centre of the great unknown”.  In 1956 he went to Antarctica where he “penetrated a land extent of 2,300 miles beyond the Pole” (Baker (1991) p. 106).  Apparently in his journals it says that as he flew over the Pole a force grabbed his plane and drew him within from below as if on autopilot, where he encountered a wondrous city of light and people who greeted him.  The North Pole can been seen in photographs taken by the satellite ESSA-7, although this is explained away as a technical fault: “the picture was comprised of a montage of satellite images which built up the picture of the polar region over a period of time.  The evolving polar night occupied a rotating part of each photograph, creating the impression of a dark circle or ‘hole’ at the centre of the montage.” (Devereux & Brookesmith (1997) p.59). Maybe but I’ve also heard the excuse that the camera wasn’t pohotgraphing that region due to the curvature of the earth – “the area  around the pole had not been included in the photomosaic that made up the entire picture: it was dark because it simply had not been photographed” (Baker (1991) p. 107) A gap in the topography of the top of the world leading to an inner realm would explain the shape and manouverability of ufos, and why sometimes they dive into lakes.


Hopkins – Budd Elliott Hopkins’ interest in UFOs began in 1964 with a sighting of a metallic object over Cape Cod, Mass.  He uses hypnotic regression techniques to help witnesses recall and survive traumatic abductions.  In 1989 he began the Intruders Foundation to increase public understanding of the UFO enigma and to support witnesses. He has also published several books based on the cases he has studied: Missing Time (1981) compares the consistent elements in a broad spectrum of abduction cases, documenting interaction with the ‘Greys’; Intruders: the Incredible Visitations at Copley Woods (1987) the case of Debbie Tomey; and Witnessed: the True Story of the Brooklyn Bridge Abduction (1996) the case of Linda Cortile.  He is also a respected artist and sculptor.


Howe – Linda Moulton Howe has produced An Alien Harvest (1989) investigating animal mutilations and the links with non-human intelligences (and the video A Strange Harvest) and Glimpses of Other Realities Volume I, Facts and Eyewitnesses (1993) and Volume II, High Strangeness (1998) recommended as it has the MJ-12 documents in the appendix.  She has a Masters degree in Communication from Stanford Unviersity and has produced and written over a hundred live studio programmes including a two hour special on Earth Mysteries: Alien Life Forms.  She produces reports on science, environmental and paranormal issues for tv and radio news and documentaries like Dreamland and Coast to Coast, Strange Universe and the Mysterious Origins of Man.  Throughout her prolific career she has earned many accolades and been a respected speaker at international symposiums including NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Centre.  Lt Col Philip Corso quoted in volume II: “she has ‘guts’ unparalled in my experience.  She took the difficult subjects of animal mutilations, human abductions and a non-human intelligence, withstood all the resitance and criticism, and moved ahead.  I salute her.”  Howe says: “Interactions with humans and animals often include the harvest of tissue and genetic material such as ova and sperm.  Sometimes “baby things” are presented to men and women as if the unearthly-looking infant is “a hybrid that is part us and part them”.  Other interactions incude the presentation of visual images about the earth’s catastrophic future…[and] “morality plays” in which the abductee suddenly faces a life and death situation and must willfully choose a course of action…Abductees are also confronted with actual real life experiences from their own lives in vivid replay…The non-human intelligence expresses worry about damage to the environment and earth life’s survival as if what we do affects them, too…[another facet is] an alleged “transfer of souls” from body container to body container.  The creation, storage and activation of body containers, according to some abductees, is accomplished with “cloning, tube and light technology.”…Most earth religions in the last 5,000 years of recorded history describe the human soul as the unseen but vital force of life and connection to God which leaves the body at the moment of death…merging with a brilliant, loving, peaceful light… [for a look into soul migration see] The Egyptian Book of the Dead and The Tibetan Book of the Dead…Once safely around the obstacles, the soul could venture on to new life in this or another dimension in an eternal cycle of evolving transformations.” (Howe (1998) p. 236-7).


Hubble – hubble bubble toil and trouble. Sometimes, you’ve got to wonder if these astronomers are making it up, in Monuments of Mars, Hubble gets one mention: “(Incidentally, one specific astronomical prediction of these “Cydonia Equations” pertains to the existence of a “Great Dark Spot” on Uranus [eeeuuw] –in the southern hemisphere, at 19.5 S. When Voyager II flew by in 1986, this hemisphere was deep in night; after 1991, Uranus’ orbit of the Sun will move into position for the repaired Hubble Space Telescope to see this predicted atmospheric feature, from Earth orbit…).” (Hoagland (1996) p. 354)  This orbital space telescope has “taken stunning images of objects that are millions of light-years away, yet NASA claims the telescope can’t produce decent images of the moon, which is only 250,000 miles distant.  For subscribers to the “Moon-gate” theory, NASA’s refusal to release these images indicates that it’s trying to hide the truth about artificial structures on the lunar surface.” (Birnes (2004) p. 161) Worth noting that rumours abound of the Vatican having “a direct downlink from the Hubble Space Telescope for its own personal viewing.” (Birnes (2004) p. 321) and they are very influential (just look at their role in the film Fifth Element) as they have access to prophecies and religious documents.  The Holy See maintains the Papal Observatory in the US. If you hack into the Vatican’s files, your system will irretrievably terminate with the words “CREDO CREDO CREDO” scrolling down your screen.  That means “believe”.


Human mutilations – there are tales of humans drained of blood (ex-sanguination) with soft tissue and sex organ excision similar to cattle mutilations.  It is said that at S-4 in Area 51 humans from a cataclysmic future experiment on humans (probably the homeless and the missing of whom there are enormous numbers in the USA) and in return share technology from the future.  Who says this?  John Lear, son of William Lear of Lear Jets, a Vietnam veteran, pilot and CIA operative.  “Lear has said that the U.S government entered into a deal with the extraterrestrials under the terms of which for a conveyance to the U.S government of advanced ET technology, our government would allow the ETs to conduct experiments on human beings they abducted and conduct biological experiments on livestock they captured.” (Birnes (2004) p. 189).  I don’t know about you, but I’m starting to wonder if the “ET technology” is actually computers, Informationa technology (IT=ET).


Hybrid – this term refers to a blending of genetic stock which results in something different from either of it’s parents (A + B = C).  Many abductees report sexual probing where eggs or sperm are removed, some have seen tubes or drawers of embryonic aliens, some experience missing feotuses, where a pregnancy will terminate early without obvious cause or explanation, some recall being required to cuddle a hybrid baby – partly their child and partly a starbeing/alien/starseed/starchild.  Some people think that the exchange process has accelerated to the point where aliens walk among us unnoticed having been genetically bred to fit in.  Some alien races are more obviously different to humans than others and may need genetic rescuing from mutations which have left them infertile.  This is nothing new and may be the origins of humanity “starmen, through the use of advanced genetic engineering, implanted their superior genes into earthly hominid species” (Briazack & Mennick (1978) p. 108).  You also see this in the tale of Inanna Queen of Heaven and Earth, the interbreeding of Gods and humans, and the mythic figure of Lilith (first woman in the Garden of Eden, before Eve) is well known for stealing the seed of sleeping men to make her demonic progeny.  This theory of astroevolution has been explored in Mankind – Child of the Stars by Max H Flindt and Otto O Binder who use the term “Hybrid Man” to explain the origins of humanity.


Hynek – Joseph Allen (see CUFOS).  As part of Project Blue Book he is responsible for the devastating and laughable explaination of “swamp gas” in March 1966 used to discredit the witness testimony of sightings over Ann Arbour in Michigan.  If Blue Book could describe a sighting as a flock of seagulls, a temperature inversion, a balloon or the planet Venus it would, and you will find this attitude persisting in people who prefer credibility to enlightenment.  Hynek changed his tune after 1969 (see Condon Report).


Hypnotic Regression – On the one hand hypnotists assert that you remain conscious and will never do anything you wouldn’t consciously do because you remain in control, and that it is merely a relaxation process in a safe space to recall frightening memories.  On the other hand, hypnosis is a facility to programme actions triggered by keywords and to possibly make assasins like Sirhan Sirhan, for example, as fictionalised in the Manchurian Candidate.  The fear of leading the experiencer into a fantasy world of imagined contact has provoked some UFO groups to ban regressive hypnosis, but many of the best cases would never have come to light without it, like Betty and Barney Hill, Alan Godfrey, Linda Cortile and many others.  I think the rule of thumb would be that if you had a definate chunk of missing time, and were so traumatised by an unexplainable unremembered event, then this technique may help you if your life is being detrimentally affected. Deploy video for quality assurance. Whilst on the more positive side, if you are able to trust the ‘intruders’, then maybe it is better to trust that you don’t want to remember, and that you have forgotten for a good reason.  If the gap of missing time is caused by interdimensional journeying, then perhaps it is just a gap, and anything made up to fill it is fabricated, whilst conversely it may be that it is bothering you because you need to remember, and whilst the technique of the abduction has obscured it from conscious recall, your soul’s development may be prompting you to seek help to learn from your unconscious.  Your call.  I just wish there were more of them and at an affordable rate!

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