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Extra Biological Entities have been said to ingest a form of chloryphyl - a green liquid (not to mention being partial to strawberry ice cream) and that they excrete waste products as liquid through their skin.  Their innards seem atrophied and they may not have a pulse.  Being in a different lower gravity environment their bodies would be lighter in weight and being in a darker environment their eyes would be larger and would need lenses (like sunglasses) to protect their eyes.  So if this body in the Santilli Footage (and there is only one body) is not a human mutated by radiation, and I don't think it is, then this could explain why it is cut up and processed through autopsy so fast.  Not only is it, like a zombie, seemingly alive and yet unable or unwilling (perhaps through fear or as a test, or from exhaustion) to move, also it's body may not have shown the usual signs of human life which would have convinced doctors of it's conscious status.


Reports by Naomi Maria Self through the mortician Glen Dennis and others are that the body 'smelt bad', a toxic odour which caused panic and retching in humans, and forced them to act in haste.

"The accidental delivery to Earth, by sample-return probes or returning crewed missions, of microscopic biological contaminants from other worlds.  Such contamination, in the form of alien viruses, bacteria, or spores, to which terrestrial life would have no immunity, could prove disastrous.  For this reason, elaborate preparations were made to quarantine the first Apollo astronauts and the lunar samples they brought back...In the event, upon the return of Apollo 11, the agreed-upon quarantine protocols were immediately and seriously breached.  The crane aboard the aircraft carrier scheduled to lift the command module out of the sea unopened was found at the last moment to be unsafe.  For this reason, and also to prevent the astronauts from becoming seasick, [yes, they put our planet at risk of infection just to stop the vomit hitting the floor!] the space-craft's hatch was opened and the crew were allowed to exit while their craft was still in the open sea.  Had there been any lunar pathogens aboard, these would have been released into the atmosphere."  

David Darling The Extraterrestrial Encyclopedia (2000) page 35

[Not much fun at parties these people would they be!]  Think about that ' - oh it's not quite safe that crane, oh well release the potential pathogens then!  Just aslong as I don't have to clear up your puke! -'

               Documents from the British Public Records Office

                British Scientific Intelligence Bio War/UFOs, 6 May 1950 (14k)


              Perhaps the most controversial entry contained within the Majestic

              Twelve 1st Annual Report is the reference to a linkage between

              recovered alien bodies and biological warfare research. Entry F in

              the report states:

                F. Biological Warfare Programs BW programs in U.S. and U.K. are

                in field test stages. Discovery of new virus and bacteria agents

                so lethal, that serums derived by genetic research, can launch

                medical science into unheard of fields of biology. The samples

                extracted from bodies found in New Mexico, have yielded new

                strains of a retro-virus not totally understood, but, give

                promise of the ultimate BW weapon. The danger lies in the spread

                of airborne and bloodborne outbreaks of disease in large

                populations, with no medical cures available.

              Until the time that the 1st Annual Report surfaced, there was no

              official or unofficial documentation in the public domain that

              made a connection between UFOs and biological warfare. However,  

              a document has surfaced officially at the Public Record Office, Kew,

              England, that also makes a connection with UFOs and biological


              The document is one-page in length and is dated 6 May 1950. It is

              a memo for the attention of the British Ministry of Defense’s

              Scientific and Technical Intelligence Branch and is titled

              "Subject: Bacteriological Warfare Article." Its content state:

                Forwarded herewith is a further installment of a series of

                articles at present appearing in the publication “Kristall” by

                Dr. STUBENBAUER. 2. Your attention is also drawn to the article

                on “Flying Saucers” appearing in the same publication.

              As this document makes clear and as can now be verified

              officially, there were sources within the British Ministry of

              Defense in the early 1950’s that were interested in both

              bacteriological warfare and UFOs. Not only that, reports on both

              subjects were being sent to the MoD’s Scientific and Technical

              Intelligence Branch under cover of the same memoranda.

               Validating the First Annual Report: An Important Development


              Important documentation has surfaced at the Public Record Office,

              Kew, England, that validates information contained within the 1st

              Annual Report. Entry 7 in Annex C of the report refers to an

              incident that allegedly occurred on 14 October 1943 when a number

              of Foo Fighters were seen during 8th AF Mission 115 over

              Schweinfurt, Germany. The validity of this incident was for many

              years questioned by numerous researchers and investigators, as the

              official records on the case could not be found. However, they

              have now been located in the UK by British author and researcher

              Andy Roberts. The British Royal Air Force document on the incident

              acquired by Roberts confirms the facts in the Annex C, Entry 7

              account as related in the 1st Annual Report. The document is

              copyrighted to the British Government and therefore is not

              available for reproduction. However, Nick Redfern’s paper on this

              development, Validating the 1st Annual Report: An Important

              Development, can be downloaded here.


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