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Warning Warning Will Robinson


Whilst entering the Twilight Zone it is important to remember that as with most films and television and radio which you imbibe, the effects, like those of the toxin alcohol, will cause your mind to be riddled with lies and disinformation which men speak.  Lies are falsehoods told to deceive while dis-information is the corruption of good information with dis-ease to cause discomfort.  The following information is brought to you through 'in-tuition' and is gleaned from the best sources available.  As with cinema we are dealing with 'shadows reflecting on a cave wall  ', a philosophical concept which supposes that what we think is more important than what we see, hear, taste or smell.  What you choose to believe is your choice, your perception is within your own control.  Human eyes do not see the whole spectrum.  Below the visible light are radio and extra low frequency (E.L.F) waves, and an enormous shield of electromagnetic energy swirls in the realms above and around us.While the information rushes past you, remember to take breaks, breath and slow down.  These are only images and words.  The universe that you see with your eyes is not all there is and how you interpret it is up to you, it is a path or journey which teaches you and not the arrival sometimes.  Be guided by the good sense of your gut instinct and be wise to the powerful influences which at this current time have been male dominated and loaded with anxieties, much to our detriment, but which are changing.  Men usually blame others and lie to save face and for all we know the Alien Autopsy video may have been brought to us by sick sad necrophilic murdering monsters of patriarchy who seek to propagandize their way to power.  However, due to my experiences, and after ten years of study, I do not think this is the case.I have tried occassionaly to close my site , because it is slanted by male opinion from the male authored books I've quoted, but it holds enough information and links  and it is time more women spoke out about this subject and all it's attendent complications in order to solve the difficulties which human contact with it 's own repressed other has caused to people up to now.

I would say 'I hope you enjoy it ' as Ray Santilli would say - beccause you are still in control of how you react to information.

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