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Which Sylvia Plath poem is quoted containing the line - "Sarcophagus and a face on it"  - answers on a postcard and you may win a prize  


Control your own mind                    Gathering Data . . . . .

Walton – Travis. November 5th 1975.  Travis  (22) was with a wood-cutting crew in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest.  The foreman of the team was Mike Rogers and he had an important contract to fill with the US Forest Service, five other men were with them, and all of them came from Snowflake, a small Mormon town. Mike, Travis and Ken Peterson (all under thirty) were in the front seat of the truck as they drove home after 6pm in the gathering dusk, when they saw a glow eminanting from the forest ahead.  When it came into view they saw “a luminous, disc-shaped structure, hovering 15-20 feet above a slash pile and casting a milky yellow glow through all of the clearing.  Approximately 100 feet from them, 20 feet wide and eight feet high, it was divided by dark silver vertical lines, longer than they were wide, into panel-like geometrical forms”. (Clark (1998) p 628).  Travis was unafraid, he didn’t wait for Mike to stop the truck, he leapt out and went towards the craft. There is a very good film of this incident called Fire in the Sky (1993) but it has some dramatic enhancements which do not agree with Travis’s account. “He was only six feet away from being directly underneath the object.  Mesmerized by the “unbelievably smooth, unblemished surface of the curving hull” he [didn’t know that] the men in the truck were hearing low beeps.  Then Walton heard them, too, only they were mixed somehow with a distant rumbling, like a  “multitude of turbine generators starting up.” The UFO started to wobble slowly, one side tipped toward him…He [felt he] had to get away. He rose to his feet, he felt a “numbing shock…like high voltage electrocution”.” (ibid) which hit his chest and head.  The team saw a bluish green beam strike Walton, pulling him a foot into the air – arms and legs outstretched, and throwing him 10 feet away.  Terrified, Rogers hit the gas pedal, to protect the rest of his team he drove away fast. In a quarter of a mile he nearly hit a tree, slide sideways and crashed.  They discussed it and went back to get Travis, as they began to return Rogers saw a white streak in the sky and thought it was the UFO leaving.  Reaching the clearing again they searched for their friend and co-worker, but couldn’t find him and panicked even more. Navajo County Deputy Sheriff Chuck Ellison recevied a phone call from Ken Peterson at 7:30pm and met them, to find they were crying and very distressed. Sheriff Marlin Gillespie interviewed them. They searched with helicopters, horses and jeeps, but Travis was not to be found for five days.  The team were suspected of murder.  Travis’s brother Duane said in an interview with Fred Sylvanus a UFO investigator, that he had a seen a UFO “almost identical to what they had described, for a period of about thirty minutes, in broad daylight, about 12 years ago.” He said that he and Travis had discussed this and agreed “that we would immediately get as directly under the object as was physically possible…The opportunity would be too great to pass up, and at any cost, except death, we were to make contact with them…they don’t kill people.” (ibid, p. 631)  Sheriff Gillespie put the logging team through a lie-detector test and on the fifth day declared “There’s no doubt they’re telling the truth…I feel sure that all six of them saw a UFO.” (ibid p. 633)  Close to midnight, at the home of Allison (Travis’s sister) the phone rang on the tenth of November.  Her husband Grant Neff picked it up, but tired by prank calls, he nearly hung up, luckily he didn’t and realised it was Travis calling for help from a gas station in Heber.  Travis was badly dehydrated, in shock and ill.  He thought it had been a couple of hours, and was disturbed that it was five days.  Strangely, his fingerprints were not found on the payphones at the gas station where he had called from.  On Thursday November 13th , after negotiations with Coral Lorenzen of APRO, Travis underwent regression with James A Harder, a professor at University of California.  This is what he recalled: “He was lying in a hospital-like room [when he came to after the fall in the forest] his entire body aching.  He was shocked and terrified to see three figures, dressed in loose-fitting, orange single-piece suits, approaching him.  The beings had large, hairless heads and huge eyes, thus corresponding to the aliens known as the Greys (although these beings’ eyes were brown, rather than the jet-black so frequently reported in encounters with the Greys).  Walton immediately jumped off the table, struck one of the beings and pushed another away [he was not restrained in any way].  The beings rapidly retreated from the room.  Walton then ran from that room into another, containing an empty chair.  When he approached the chair, the walls faded, and were replaced by stars, as if the room were a glass bubble floating in space. Intrigued in spite of himself, Walton sat in the chair and began to manipulate the controls on the armrests [don’t try this at home].  The stars immediately moved around, while maintaining their relative positions.  At that point, he became aware of another being in the room; however this one was entirely human-looking…[this feature of humans being in the UFO was not in the movie of the abduction - Fire in the Sky, which instead pursued a frightening medical exam, with Walton restrained and screaming]…was entirely human-looking (a source of much relief to Walton) and was wearing a transparent helmet.  The man was blond, tanned, tall and muscular, and was dressed in a blue coverall.  Only his eyes were…bright gold in colour.”  [golden-hazel, could have been lenses]  Ignoring his questions, the man took Walton into a large hangar containing three UFOs.  Walton was led through the hangar to yet another room, where two men and a woman were sitting.  They were all extremely attractive…” (Baker (1991) p. 254) but this proved to be disarming.  They grinned at him and ignored his questions, tackled him on to a table and drugged him unconscious with an oxygen mask with a small black bulb attached to it.  The next thing Travis knew he was in the gas station at Heber [he probably should not have touched those armchair controls].


X - like the X-Files, X-Factor and the X-Men, Commander X deals with hardcore governmental conspiracies that are so secret they make your hair curl and shatter your reality at fifty paces. A breath of fresh air for the truly dedicated, but don’t forget the sunshine and flowers, you’re gonna need them.  The Ultimate Deception (1990), Underground Alien Bases (1990), Nikola Tesla: Free Energy and the White Dove (1992) and The Controllers: The Hidden Rulers of Earth Identified (1994) , Mind Stalkers: UFOs, Implants & The Psychotronic Agenda of The New World Order (no year of publication given). In the latter he sights secret mind control projects, such as: “Moonstruck: Research and development by the CIA of electronic implants in the brain and teeth.  Implanted during surgery or surreptitiously during abduction [always time your visit to the dentist, take a witness with you] the implants could be used for tracking, mind behaviour control and covert operations.  This was achieved through electronic stimulation of the brain (ESB). Orion: Developed by the Air Force in 1958, this project used drugs, hypnosis, and ESB using Radar and microwaves modulated at ELF frequencies.  Created for top security personnel debriefing, mental programming and to insure security and loyalty. [It’s gonna be like Bodysnatchers, it’ll be everybody else pointing and screaming at you!]  Pandora: A program to monitor Soviet microwave bombardment of the US embassy in Moscow, known as the “war on Tchaikowsky Street” during the sixties and seventies.  Developed under the auspices of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).  Project personnel believed to have permitted continued Soviet radiation bombardment to observe prolonged effects on US embassy staff.  Project used as a “cover” for ongoing EM mind control research and development using radion frequency (RF) and direct “neural manipulation by remote radar.”  Pique: CIA project targeting Soviet workers in eastern European nuclear installations by bouncing microwaves off the ionosphere.  RF-Media: In the event of martial law, RF-MEDIA was developed by the CIA for the possibility of quickly “calming down” the population through electronic, multi-directional subliminal suggestion and programming.  Using television and radio communications the signals would be broadcast in the frequency ranges known for their mollifying effect on the human brain.  It has been reported the system has now been updated to include the Internet and cellular phones. Trident: Trident is believed to have commenced in 1989 as a project by the National Security Agency (NSA).  The goal was the electronic directed targeting of individuals or populations, especially assembled groups.  Using black helicopters flying in a triad formation [they have devices to counteract the sound waves of the noise of the rotors and engine, so you can’t hear them creep up on you] 1000,000 watts of RF in the UHF range was to be used for large group management, behaviour and riot control. (Commander X, Mind Stalkers p. 139-140)


Y – good question.  Yeti, Sasquatch - anomalous, possibly invisible giant hairy humanoid.


Zamora – “On April 24, 1964, one of the classic UFO-alien sightings occurred at Socorro, New Mexico.  At 5.45pm, Police Sergeant Lonnie Zamora was pursuing a speeding vehicle when he heard a roar from outisde the car.  He saw a “flame in the sky” and thought a nearby dynamite stack had exploded.  He abandoned his pursuit and drove partially up the hill, over which the flame had passed.  He walked the final part and at the top saw a shiny object about 150 to 200 yards away.  At first, Zamora thought a car had overturned, and he moved forward to help out.  He also saw what appeared to be two children in white coveralls.  Then he noticed the object was resting on four legs and that the “children” were examining or repairing the craft.  They did not notice him at first; when they did, they hurried back into the object.  Zamora moved quickly back to his car, either out of fear, or in order to drive closer, or perhaps both.  Just then, the object began to roar, a flame appeared on its underside, and it ascended slowly…it was oval in shape and very smooth.  Although he saw no windows or doors, he did notice an insignia with red lettering of some type…it continued to rise in the air and accelerate toward the southwest.  By the time it disappeared, the flame was gone, and the craft was silent, leaving no trail.  Zamora was so shocked by what he saw that he asked to see a priest before releasing his report to the authorities.”  (Dolan (2002) p. 273 – 274)  Everyone investigated it: army intelligence from White Sands Proving Grounds; FBI; J Allen Hynek; Air Force; CIA; NICAP; APRO; Stanford Research Institute; NASA (Goddard Space Flight Centre).  The story still stands as an unidentified.  “Just two days after the Socorro sighting, and about two hundred miles north, orlando Gallegos near La Madera, New Mexico, saw a metallic, oval shaped object on the ground about two hundred feet away.  He saw blue flames circle the bottom of the machine, which was silent…the local police captain, Martin vigil, reported scorch marks and four imprints at the site…[and then] on April 30, 1964, according to APRO, the pilot of a B-57 bomber from Holloman AFB, Alamogordo, radioed to his control tower that he was watching an “egg-shaped, white” UFO with markings that matched the one at Socorro.  As he continued to observe the UFO, it landed at the base.” (Dolan (2002) p. 276).


Zero Point Energy – that’s a keyword that gets you into all sort of information about anti-gravity devices, which leads to theories about bending space and time to make visiting remote humanoids easier.


Zeta Reticuli – 37 light years away this twin sun system is billions of years older than us.

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