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Paperclip – Project Paperclip to you. “The Germans had been working on some advanced aviation technology.  Their V-1 and V-2 rockets are well known…one of those crashed in Sweden in 1944, which let the secret out [ghost rockets?] in the first place.  They experimented with a disc-shaped airframe, although it led to no breakthroughs, and even developed the first rocket-powered fighter plane, the Me-163, which was effective but limited in supply…[unfortunately] there are connections between Nazi scientists and UFOs [they probably were doing genetic experiments and that may be why they gassed and burnt people – to hide the evidence.  Why would a short, black haired man (Hitler) be taken so seriously in his pursuit of an Aryan master race of tall, blonde Nordic types?]…Nazi scientists involved in the cutting edge of American aviation [were only interested in pursuing their own desire to reach the stars, at any cost, regardless of moral, ethical or national considerations, and had achieved success over the bodies of anyone they could exploit as slave labour to mass produce the rockets] and propulsion technology in the years after 1945…worked at installations that became indelibly associated with UFOs, such as Wright Patterson Air Force Base and White Sands Proving Ground. The project that brought these scientists, engineers, and spies into the United States became known as Paperclip.  It was a …web of propaganda and lies that hid their Nazi past.  Military intelligence even succeeded in bringing the press on board for assistance” (Dolan (2002) p. 12) [and I guess that was the end of media independence and the point where Freedom of Speech allowed people to say whatever they wanted  - with no affect whatsoever].  Could this be the schism which became by 1947 the Roswell Incident? “Army intelligence (G-2) countered dissent against the project through wiretaps and domestic spying, and it soon became necessary for the army to lie to the State Department on a regular basis.  The press promoted a sanitized version of the project to the American public.  In late November 1946, the War Department issued a five-page press release favorably describing how German scientists were helping Americans at Wright Field [Walker Field / Wright Patterson].  In December, Life and Newsweek [magazines] gave the story national coverage.  The Nazi past of many of the scientists escaped notice, as did the strong undercurrent of hostility many Americans at Wright Field had toward these “former” Nazis.  All in all, it was perfectly orchestrated War Department propaganda posing as news.  Paperclip continued as part of American policy through the 1950s…1960s. Congress and the public knew nothing about it for decades.”(ibid p. 13)  [And then they did, and now they do]. The corruption ran very deep: “The U.S. intelligence community conducted other interesting operations in 1949.  Paperclip was running smoothly by now.  Widespread, illegal spraying of U.S. cities with bacteria and pathogens began this year, courtesy of the U.S. Army, in order to test biological weapons.  This program continued for twenty years.” (Dolan (2002) p. 66)  Then there was the Washington DC UFO sighting in 1952: “On July 28, Blue Book received the astonishing total of fifty UFO reports in a single day.  UFO inquiries were jamming the Pentagon’s telephone circuits.  Even sceptical air force generals and CIA officials conceded there was a problem, if only because the Soviet Union might take advantage of the situation through some kind of psychological warfare or even launching an attack.” (Dolan (2002) p. 107). “The year 1960 brought no shortage of serious business in other realms of secrecy.  That year, the National Reconnaissance  Office (NRO) was formed.  Essentially, the NRO is America’s spy satellite department, a Pentagon-CIA-NSA central office that determines surveillance targets.  Its existence was not revealed publicly until 1973, and even into the 1990s its name could not be mentioned in congress or in any unclassified government document. Already in 1960, optics capabilities had become quite advanced.  An optics expert that year wrote that it soon should be possible to develop satellite cameras capable of “resolving two objects three inches apart from 125 miles up.” [the origin of the phrase – I don’t like him, his eyes are too close together/too far apart? It seems to me two objects three inches apart are eyes] Also in 1960, CIA Director of Plans Richard Bissell asked MK-Ultra Director Sidney Gottlieb to undertake research on assasination techniques.  Gottlieb’s support of people like Ewen Cameron already placed him in the Mengele class of mad scientists.  He was glad to oblige Bissell, and had already developed a perfume that could be sprinkled on pillows and…was instantly lethal…Project Paperclip showed that extremely secret programs could continue in the U.S for well over ten years without a significant leak.  Throughout the 1960s, Paperclip (along with National Interest, a similar program), sponsored the arrival of at least 267 more people into America.  Another project, known as ‘63’, brought an unknown number of others.  These recruits worked everywhere… [government bodies like] NASA, Edgewood Arsenal, Wright-Patterson AFB, Fort Monmouth AFB, and the Naval Ordnance Testing Station in China Lake, California. Private corporations included Pennsylvania State University, MIT, Bell Laboratories, RCA, CBS Laboratories, Martin Marietta, Convair, and Mobil Oil.” (Dolan (2002) p. 238)

 [I don’t know who these ‘others’ were – imports from other realms?].


Pentagon – The only  official listing for Pentagon* in Dolan’s UFOs and the National Security State, is as follows: “Then, on June 13, 1971, the New York Times began publishing a series of highly sensitive documents known as the Pentagon Papers.  These were a classified history of the Vietnam War, [what do Nargas have to do with that? – giant snakes in the Viet Cong? Gooks?] leaked by Daniel Ellsberg, whom the White House immediately sought to smear and discredit.  In September, a group of Cuban-Americans connected with the CIA… were Richard Nixon’s personal covert action squad, nicknamed the ‘plumbers group.’ In April 1972, it was almost certainly Nixon people who broke into the home of CBS White House correspondent Dan Rather…the residence of J. Edgar Hoover was broken into twice…[which] allowed for the placement of a poison (thiosophate)…a compound used in insecticides, highly toxic if taken orally, inhalled, or absorbed through the skin.  It causes fatal heart seizure and is detectable only if an autopsy is performed within hours of death [which it wasn’t].  J. Edgar Hoover died between 2am and 3am on May 2nd 1971.  He received no autopsy, and the cause was ascribed to cardiac arrest, although Hoover’s doctor claimed he had been in good health. That morning, about twenty government agents methodically ransacked Hoover’s residence, but Hoover’s secretary destroyed countless files before anyone reached them. [Hoover was famous of course for having ‘files on everybody’]. (Dolan (2002) p. 373) *see Quintanilla.  “…for the first time in more than twenty years, it was not NASA but the Pentagon which suddenly (in January 1994) dispatched a “secret” unmanned mission to intensively survey the lunar surface through the military “eyes” of a mission quixotically called “Clementine”…(beginning in late February 1994) a sudden, “secret” Pentagon Moon Mission would swiftly secure over 1.8 million state–of-the-art digital images of the entire lunar surface; and further, that as of this writing, two years after Clementine made it to the Moon, only a handful (literally) of these clandestinely acquired military Moon images have been released either to the press or to the public…[on gaining access] to the Clementine Control Room (called “The Bat Cave” [Batman] for reasons…[unknown]) all Clementine’s high-resolution images supposed to have been taken over the Sinus Medii/Ukert region promptly turned up “missing”.  The technician on duty only managed to call up from the archive computer one terse message: “Data not taken of this region…because of lack of scientific interest”.” (Hoagland (1996) p. 466-467)


Phoenix Lights - seen over Phoenix in Arizona on the night of thursday 13th of March this boomerang or 'v' shaped formation of five lights was seen by hundreds of people apparently on a flightpath over the city and back again.  They were caught on video and what people found remarkable was the fixed spacing of the lights a set distance from each other which did not change.  The bright round white lights were analysed by Jim Dilettoso and found to have digital signatures unlike any other known lights.  Investigation by the Discovery channel has found that military flares were dropped that night and fell slowly behind a nearby mountain (surely local people would have known about the location of the mountain and figured that out for themselves?  Also this explanation does not cover the lights moving overhead and seen above different parts of the city).


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