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Lakenheath – “On the night of 13 to 14 August 1956 RAF stations throughout East Anglia were involved in an incredible search for mysterious targets that puzzled and worried experienced radar operators constantly alert for enemy aircraft.  Between 9.30 and 10.00 pm. RAF Bentwaters (north-east of Ipswich) picked up three separate unknown echoes performing apparently impossible motions.  Then  at 10.55pm. a target moving at about 3,000 mph was tracked passing almost directly overhead on an east to west course.  Ground observers at the airfield saw a ‘blurred light’ streak by, and a C-47 aircraft flying at 4,000 feet watched the same light pass below it!  It was no known aircraft.  Alerting RAF Lakenheath (situated to the north-west) observers there saw a luminous object approach from the east, stop, and then reverse its course – moving away eastwards.” (Randles (1981) p. 36)  The event lasted five hours and “involved two separate ground-radar operators, one military pilot, and one air control tower operator…Blue Book [and Condon committee concluded]…”this is the most puzzling and unusual case in the Radar-Visual files.  The apparently rational, intelligent behaviour of the UFO suggests a mechanical device of unknown origin as the most probable explanation” (Hynek (1972) p. 107)


Langford – Budville, Somerset.  On October 16th 1973, Mrs A. (anonymity preferred) was driving in this location when her car broke down.  She got out to find out what was wrong and was touched from behind.  Turning round to see who it was, she fainted on the sight of a huge robot.  “When she came round she found that she and the robot were standing next to a domed UFO parked in a field, the lights from which had already caused her concern during the drive but which she had not at that time identified…she collapsed again, coming around to find herself tied naked to a metallic table where three humanoid figures were conducting a physical examination on her.  Even more extraordinarily, one of them sexually assaulted her, causing her to faint again.  The next time she came round she was back inside her car and three hours had passed.”  (Spencer (1991) p. 231-2).  Well, I think she did really well remembering that without the use of hypnotic regression, and perhaps the fainting was induced by the aliens.  Fright might be induced to cause humans to forget and to be more maleable, also electronic devices may be used to cause a blackout in a similar manner to the turning off of the car. “She reported the event to her husband…It was four years later before they were prepared to discuss the matter…Mrs A. is sincere and her reluctance to involve herself in unwanted publicity says much for the sincerity of her claims.” (ibid p. 232)


Laredo – Air Force Base, Texas. On December 4th 1952 a pilot (anonymity preferred) was twelve miles away in an F51 when he had a very frightening experience.  He “watched as a strange blue UFO streaked directly towards his plane and only avoided collision by flipping aside at the last minute.  The pilot had watched it climb vertically, trun and sweep back towards the plane as if attacking.  He switched off his lights and dived.  The UFO also dived to 2,000 feet, missed the F51 plane, circled around the Laredo Air Force Base and then turned away swiftly, disappearing into the night on a straight vertical climb.” (Spencer (1991) p. 232)


Lasers – Like fibre optics and velcro, lasers are a bit suspect of being given.  If you think velcro isn’t important, there is a new technique now of bonding metal using the velcro technique, and  it is a superior bond to welding (New Scientist).  William Birnes is convinced anyway: “Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation…beam technology – both in the form of lasers and directed particle- beam weapons – has been acknowledged as the most commonly reported weapons system derived from the reverse-engineering of UFO craft..[modern warfare relies] on technologies that ultimately derived from the flying saucer crash at Roswell.” (Birnes (2004) p. 187).  In Close Encounters (the movie by Steven Spielberg) the little boy says “toys” when he sees the ufo, but adult men, when they see aliens, apparently only think of weapons systems, that’s cinematic disinformation for you.  In 1997, the MIRACL (Mid-Infrared Advanced Chemical Laser) was tested by the Pentagon.  They use it to disable satellites and missiles.   In my research I’ve come across a “death ray”, a typical device owned by “little green men” and I think it must be a laser.


Lazar – Bob or Robert Scott. A nuclear physicist who claims to have been employed by the US Office of Naval Intelligence to conduct research into the propulsion system of an extraterrestrial spacecraft at the ultra-secret area in the remote Nevada desert known as S-4, ten miles south of Groom Lake, Area 51,  and adjacent to Papoose (Dry) Lake in Emigrant Valley. Nellis Air Force Base  is also involved in this.  In 1982 he worked at Los Alamos National Laboratory, Meson Physics facility on linear particle acceleration, and proton-scattering.  He also worked on high-energy particle beam space weaponry for the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI – Star Wars).  He reached this employment through a company called Edgerton, Germeshausen and Grier (EG&G) who manage DoD, DoE and NASA programmes.  “The confirmed revelations of Admiral Inman that the US Government possesses UFO technology may shed some light on another controversial issue; that of Bob Lazar, who has provided some evidence that he may have worked on such a craft (see Alien Liaison).  When I last spoke with Everett Hineman, he gave me the impression that Lazar’s claims may be valid, but misinterpreted, ‘I come to different conclusions than you do,’ he told me.  In fact, I had not offered any conclusions, but I now believe that Bob Lazar was an unwitting participant in a plan to release information regarding the US Government’s involvement with extraterrestrial hardware, perhaps as part of an elaborate indoctrination programme.” (Tim Good (1993) p. 216-7). “Lazar began work at S-4, and claims he was given a white badge with a light blue and dark blue diagonal stripe and ‘MAJ’ on it – for ‘Majestic’…even the President of the United States does not possess Majestic clearance. ” (Good (1991) p. 151).  Considering how much government leaders mention getting rid of the paperwork as being a good idea, it is not surprising that very little documentation could be found to confirm Lazar's story, but he knows his way around "the base" of Area 51 "like a rabbit knows it's own burrow" (UFO Down to Earth, Discovery Science) and describes how he saw a UFO disc shaped craft with an American flag on it which was being "back-engineered", that is he was employed to find out how it worked.  Made in an Unknown Situation Aargh!  Ha Ha.


Lear – John.  A pilot of 14,000 hours experience some of it with the CIA.  Airspeed record holder.  On December 29th 1987, Lear posted a 4,000 word document on the internet which said “1969-71, MJ-12 representing the US government made a deal with these creatures…in echange for ‘technology’ they would provide to us, we agreed to ‘ignore’ the abductions that were gong on and suppress information on the cattle mutilations.  The EBEs…assured MJ-12 [mighty Jesus disciples?] that the abductions (usually lasting about 2 hours) were merely the ongoing monitoring of developing civilizations…the insertion f a 3mm spherical device through the nasal cavity of the abductee into the brain…monitoring, tracking, and control…Implementation of Posthypnotic Suggestion…Termination [death of people in order to provide] biological material and substances [remember the poddlings in Dark Crystal being squeezed for juice?]…genetic engineering…crossbreed infant [production of hybrids].”  (Devereux & Brookesmith (1997) p.112)  Lear also revealed an altercation at a lab in Dulce, New Mexico when guns had been used in an alien vs human shootout, resulting in the deaths of 66 US Special Forces troops who were trying to free people trapped in the facility.


Bob Lazar

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