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Sagan – Carl, a respected media friendly NASA exobiologist, who trod the line between professional and the other thing (derided, laughed at ufo nut) extremely well.  Wrote the novel Contact about Jill Tarter and it became a film played by Jodie Foster.  Also had a lovely voice and a nice smile. A consultant and adviser to NASA since the 1950s, he briefed the Apollo astronauts before their flights to the Moon! Many of the most productive planetary scientists working today were his students and associates. He wrote the bestselling book ever published in English (before Harry Potter) Cosmos and 500 million people in sixty countries watched him present the knowledge on tv.  Author of thirty books including: Intelligent Life in the Universe; The Dragons of Eden; Murmurs of Earth; Broca’s Brain; Comet; A Path Where No Man Thought – Nuclear Winter and the End of the Arms Race; Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors – A Search for Who We Are; Pale Blue Dot – A Vision of the Human Future in Space; The Demon-Haunted World – Science as a Candle in the Dark.  “Irritatingly, science claims to set limits on what we can do, even in principle.  Who says we can’t travel faster than light? They used to say that about sound, didn’t they?  Who’s going to stop us, if we have really powerful instruments, from measuring the position and the momentum of an electron simultaneously?  Why can’t we, if we’re very clever, build a perpetual motion machine ‘of the first kind’ (one that generates more energy than is supplied to it) or a perpetual motion machine ‘of the second kind’ (one that never runs down)? Who dares to set limits on human ingenuity?  In fact, Nature does…Tellingly, pseudoscience and superstition tend to recognize no constraints in Nature.  Instead ‘all things are possible’.  They promise a limitless production budget, however often their adherents have been disappointed and betrayed.” (Sagan (1996) p. 270)  “In a post-war meeting with President Harry S. Truman, J. Robert Oppenheimer – the scientific director of the Manhattan nuclear weapons Project – mournfully commented that scientists had bloody hands; they had now known sin.  Afterwards, Truman instructed his aides that he never wished to see oppenheimer again.  Sometimes scientists are castigated for doing evil, and sometimes for warning about the evil uses to which science may be put…[we now need] an emerging ethic that also must be established on an unprecedented planetary scale.” (ibid p. 283)


Santilli – Ray.  A man who shot to prominence and quickly slipped into notoriety for bravely coming forward with one of the wierdest documentary films of an autopsy, found whilst searching for old celluloid of Elvis. “That man is Ray Santilli, whose company, Merlin, specializes in assembling archive footage of musical performers and re-selling it to the mass market.  He claims that he came across the ‘autopsy footage’ by pure chance, at a music convention in the USA where he contacted an elederly cameraman with a view to buying footage of Elvis in concert.  In the course of their negotiations, Santilli says, the old man offered him something with a potential far beyond anything featuring the signing GI. [that depends if Elvis is still alive or not surely! Ed]  The man told Santilli that he had been employed by the military in 1947, and had been an official cameraman, based in Washington DC and assigned to photograph various experimental tests, including the first atomic bomb test.  In the summer of 1947, he claimed, he was sent to New Mexico to film a crashed craft. He showed Santilli the result, projected on to the walls of his living room in Florida.  It turned out to be the ‘alien autopsy’.  According to the cameraman, he had managed to keep some of the cans of the films.  These particular pieces of film were all ones which had needed special developing because of various lighting considerations”. (Shawcross (1997) p. 178)  The cameraman “After filming, I had several hundred reels.  I separated problem reels which required special attention in processing (these I would do later).” (Howe (1998) p. 51) When you consider that sentence, it is a wonder that the Autopsy Footage has a beginning, a middle and an end, and is as complete as it is.  The cameraman continues on Santilli’s video: “Once the remaining reels had been processed, I contacted Washington to arrange collection of the final batch.  Incredibly, they never came to collect or arrange transportation of them. I called many times and then just gave up, the footage has remained with me ever since.” (Howe (1998) p. 51)   “One of the reasons for this was that the film developing process coincided with the separation of the Army and the Air Force, a major undertaking beset by administrative chaos.  As a result of this oversight the cameraman  held on to the film for the next forty years.” (Shawcross (1997) p. 178)  It was screened at a special ufological meeting and then nationally broadcasted by Channel 4 on August 28th 1995 as part of the Secret History series by producer John Purdie.  Unfortunately the camerman was never available for comment after that, pretty soon, neither was Santilli.  Poor Santilli, the words “I hope you enjoy it” will never sound the same again.  The original celluloid was apparently locked in a vault by Volker Spielberg, a German collector who doesn’t seem to care how important it is to verify it. (Check out this quote spoken to Jacques Pradel of TF1 French tv network screened on October 23rd, 1995 of a conversation on September 28th 1995: Spielberg says “I’m a collector…I’ll keep all the cans..I um, uh, possess all the film reels…I got what I want and that’s it!…Fuck the world! I mean, the world is full of egoism and so am I” (Shawcross (1997 p. 190) Maybe he thinks that the Footage has had enough cynical abuse from people and he wants to protect it for posterity, or maybe there is something more sinister going on. Santilli’s company Merlin Productions didn’t have the collateral or security to keep the film themselves and has now ceased trading.  I only hope he made enough money to create a new life for himself. It is apparently one of the biggest topics on the net, and the most disputed. Some think it’s the most important film ever, and some (like Kal Korff) that it has zero credibility.  It’s been castigated as  a hoax, but no one can prove it.  Similarities between the fabricated images of damage to Prisoners of War from the invasion of Iraq by America, a topic launched by Piers Morgan in the British Press (from which he resigned) which prompted the disclosure of genuine photographic abuse, is something which seems to be waiting to happen with this case of Santilli’s presentation of Alien Footage.  Yet after watching the Footage repeatedly, I am unable to see it either as a special effects model or as a human hideously misrepresented as an alien.  It is too enigmatic and too spooky, yet at the same time it differs from the Roswell witnesses testimony of four fingers by having six digits on each limb. Clearly the mark of a very powerful witch/which!  Mind you, saying someone has five fingers, is not the same as saying they have five fingers and a thumb.


Screen memories – The strangest thing about abductions, is that you can wake up, or even be awake apparently with no break in consciousness and yet have a missing portion of your memory where something bizarre occurred.  This is to do with trauma and the natural reaction of the brain to shut out disturbing or frightening events.  Symptoms of the episode can provoke flash backs in the form of nightmares or post traumatic stress disorder, manifest reactions can be feeling over tired, or physical stress signifiers like ulcers, excema, migraines, mood swings, inexplicable fears or phobias.  It can create life changes like the loss of a job, relationship breakdown, or personality changes where you may become more sensitive, more artistic or vegetarian for example.  If this is excacerbated by chemical doping, hypnosis or other forms of mind control the effects may become permanent or dangerous, because the trauma is buried too deep or twisted out of all recognition, whereby the memory is corrupted like a damaged computer file and irretrievably lost to conscious recall, possibly infecting other memories.  This has been complicated by ‘authority’ figures who wish to deny the event and then proceed to name it ‘false memory syndrome’ blaming the counsellor/doctor/ regressionist/advisor/therapist for ‘planting’ ideas in the patient’s mind.  Of course if the patient didn’t have a problem, they wouldn’t have been seeking help, so the issue is about correctly identifying the source of the disturbance in the patient’s thinking.  It could be family or friends being inappropriate early on in their life, it could be other dimensional or extraterrestrial (etc) aliens, or it could be secret mind control manipulators working for big commercial industries, governmental departments or medical researchers.  The main thing is to help the experiencer cope with the trauma, a method of doing this is to put up a masking vision.  This is known as a screen memory, an image which replaces what is actually there.  The victim’s mind may do this automatically, or the alien/others may provide one technologically (like a holographic projection) or the oppressors may hypnotise the subject to see what isn’t there.  You may think you’ve seen a deer with large eyes, or a barking dog instead of a grey alien.  You may think you’ve seen a helicopter or a car when instead what was there was a spaceship/saucer/aerial anomaly. But there is a glitch in the recall, the helicopter went underwater, or the car flew for example.  This provokes a troubling sense and leads to the unmasking of the screen memory. Whether the interloper is practicing psychological warfare mind control techniques on you, or raising your consciousness to an enlightened level for cosmic expansion and global, intergalactic peace is anyone’s guess.  Your interpretation of it may change depending on who you speak to, perhaps it is the shattering of old paradigms that is important, the ability to flex your perceptive capabilities to include the unthinkable, both positive and negative, that is important here. The human mind growing into a self-determining adulthood.  Just remember just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you, and if they are out to get you then you’re not being paranoid!


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