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Throughout patriarchal anthropocentric recorded history woman has been the 'repressed other'.  Blamed and cursed in the myth of Eve, demonized as Lilith, forgotten as the Holy Ghost in the trinity of God the Father and the Son.  She is the Mother of God, the Triple Headed Goddess.  If you think of the 'father of creation' it makes sense that there would be a mother.  And that probably the father would leave to go to work, and that the mother would stay behind to look after the children/planet!  Getting gradually crosser and crosser as the father stayed out too long and the children trashed the house! She would be endlessly clearing up and worrying over their antics.This image of a batwinged vampire, crucified martyr and sexualized vamp - Theda Barra - is juxtaposed with the prone alien in my ADobe Macromedia Director movie of the title Neurotrancer (1996).  It's not the way we should have seen the aliens first, on their back and naked, let alone dead.  Yet it is a powerful image. She possesses the gaze and a sense of presence.  Somewhat similar is the film The Queen of Outer Space which features a race of Amazonians with a Masked Queen living on their own planet.  Under the pretence of wanting love, the invading/exploring men gain sexpower over the civilians and soldiers and medical people of the land.  Overthrowing the Queen is a matter of telling her she is unnattractive.  However The Queen of Outer Space is overthrown by Zsar Zsar Gabor who is gorgeous to the Earth men.There is an historical  tradition of space faring women, thought to be chosen as the messengers, due to their being  less threatening to Earth residents.  In the UFO literature this is seen in the seductrress of Villas Boas experience, and the beautiful Semjase of Meier's case. It is seen in the ancient myth of the Seven Sisters of the Pleiades.  Also in Summerian history the Queen of Heaven - ruler over earth, Lady of the Largest Heart - is Inanna, and her sister Ereshkigal is Queen of the Underworld, this is ancient Summerian lore, from the days of Uruk (Iraq) and Ur - Sumer.  The Hulupo Tree is the Tree of Life which sails in Space, deep black nourishing space, it's roots extend and it's branches reach out to catch the four dimensions.  Lilith imakes her home up the Tree after being ostracized by Adam and wandering in the desert, and living in caves, and Dumuzi is called by Inanna to cut the Tree down, thus dispossessing Lilith and freeing up wood for Inanna's marriage bed.  When the Queen of Heaven - Inanna, marries Dumuzi the Shepherd, her sexy man of choice, he then gains power over her.  He dresses finely and flirts outrageously.  Inanna loses her power but regains it by delivering up to the wailing Banshees her errant, unfaithful and greedy husband.    The Sisters are triumphant, and the Pleiadian Goddesses climb up a steep mountain in early prehistory - featured in Close Encounters of a Third Kind, in the myth of Bear Claw Mountain.  This mountain, a symbol in the mind of the contactees is made in potato mash on the table.  Mash, "for mash get Smash" was an early representation of metallic aliens in a domestic sphere.  The Pleiadian Lightworking Seven Sisters cast off from the top of the mountain in a cloud ship and make their escape.  Ayers Rock, Ulularru, Picnic at Hanging Rock, magic and mountains - Inanna is famous for conquering the mountain.

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