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"Lead us downwards

and keep us (safe)

below...Carry us up

to the height!"  

C. G. Jung, Flying

Saucers (1978) p.45

Mining the Moon for minerals could easily destroy the perfect spacing, sizing and gravitational pull which keeps our Luna friend the right size to eclipse the sun, to keep the flow of the seas, and to rise in perfect opposition to the sun.  Our energy consumption should be managed on our own planet, with advanced solar panelling. NASA is currently bombing the Moon in Oct 09, to see if it has water!  Luna Tunguska event anyone?


This is me at the Corset Tree, my favourite tree at Avebury, on the way to West Kennet Long Barrow. Winter and Summer


These are images I created in Bryce 3D.  This is when I first noticed the horizon is  a straight line.  I thought it was just a computerised rendition, but then I found Flat Earth Theory, and that water finds it's level.

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