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               RosUNwell   -    ENCYCLOPEDICUS UFOLOGICUS

                             TOP SECRET   CLASSIFIED   EYES ONLY  


"Until I've got a saucer on the ground in Hyde Park and can charge the public sixpence a go to enter, it must be balloons, otherwise the government would fall and I'd lose my job!"  

British Air Minister George Ward (1954)

(Above Top Secret, Timothy Good (1993) p. 432)


Abductees/Abductions - being taken against your will by persons unknown - could be interdimensional or via high technology, might be assisted by frequency weaponry, hypnosis or drugging by militarian abductors/debriefers (MILABS). Screen memories sometimes mask the abductor and/or the event recalled. Signifiers are: missing time episodes and memory loss or time/space jumps; 'virtual reality dreams' (as Linda Moulton Howe and Leah Haley call them) or lucid dreams or vivid experiences out of the normal paradigm; unexplainable scars or scoops, injection marks, scratches; inexplicable or irrational fears/phobias; night terrors; seeing humanoids, ghosts or creatures; compulsive, spontaneous behaviours based on voices, or psychic/intuitive or paranormal drives.


Adamski,  George.  Anyone claiming contact with ETs is always suspected of being incredible, and this man was one of the first of the modern era.  Selling hamburgers or ice creams (possibly both?) near Mount Palomar Observatory, this self styled ‘professor’ who had been selling alcohol in the prohibition years, apparently had contact with Venusians in the desert on November 20th 1952.  He saw a gigantic silvery cigar shaped object which released a scout ship.  Then he met a man in a brown all in one suit, who used telepathy and hand signs to indicate he was from Venus and they were fed up and threatened by humanity's use of nuclear power [possibly due to the environmental disaster which has befallen Venus, rendering it a boiling deserted wasteland].  He took many photos of the UFOs he saw, some through a telescope, and received publicity as a Contactee, producing the classic Flying Saucers Have Landed with Desmond Leslie in 1953. In 1955 Inside The Spaceships and in 1958 Telepathy was published by Adamski, 1961 brought Cosmic Philosophy, and Flying Saucers Farewell, and in 1964 Science of Life.  I have always wondered where the expression 'what a gaf' came from, meaning 'what a dreadful mistake', it seems it may be connected with the George Adamski Foundation, who seem to have made errors in public relations.  Of course 'what a cool gaf' does, since the eighties, mean 'what a nice place to live' so opinions are flexible.  They have their own website.  It seems to be about copyright: 'Now let's go to the GAF Exhibit #6. Its title: Excerpts from the Legal filing by Mr Adamski’s attorney notifying Mr C A Honey of copyright and plagiarism violations – Dated 1963.  They claim in the document that at least 15 paragraphs, sentences or pages were duplicated or plagiarized .  I don’t know if a legal filing was ever made, as I never received a copy if such was actually the case.  A letter notified me that such action would be instituted against me if I didn’t cease my correspondence course entitled TELEPATHY AND UNIVERSAL LAWS.  The letter also stated that I was forbidden to teach Universal Knowledge, specifically all teachings in regard to Telepathy.  I replied as follows: Quote: I do not recognize Mr Adamski as the originator of these teachings, since they have been taught for centuries as Universal Laws supposed to be given to the people of this planet.  I intend to keep teaching and promoting this study of Universal Knowledge, including Telepathy, until such time as a jury decision in an established court of law forbids me to do so.  If such a decision was to support Mr Adamski’s claim to sole rights to Universal Wisdom, the correspondence course as well as this newsletter will discontinue.  All operations would cease immediately.  Signed – C.A. Honey [January 2nd 1964]…Then the GAF says, “Also, regardless of the statement made, the fact should be noted that Mr Honey DID DESIST, without a court or juries intervention.” THAT STATEMENT IS ANOTHER FABRICATION FROM WHOEVER IS PUTTING OUT ALL THIS ERRONEOUS INFORMATION FROM THE GAF.  Not only did I plainly state that I didn’t recognize Mr Adamski’s claim as originating teachings of Universal Law or Telepathy, I continued on for over four years without a word about it from Adamski or his attorney” (Honey (2002) p. 316 – 317)  Mr Honey was a ghost writer for Adamski, which is how the dispute about copyright came about, but it is an interesting example of the issue of liberating information which is being censored and secured, information which is needed for the development of the human soul and conscious mind, and the grinding, backbiting, infighting which goes on in the field of ufology, as I’m sure it does in, say, stampcollecting or any other field of specialists and fanatics, believers and debunkers. Unfortunately they have put text all over the photographs -    +

See Timothy Good's Alien Base (1998)


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