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Jacobs,  David. Professor of History at Temple University, Philadelphia.  His 1974 doctoral dissertation was on American UFOs and he published it as The UFO Controversy in America.  In Secret Life: Firsthand Accounts of UFO Abductions (1992)  he proved 'that abductees come from all walks of life, from every income level, and include all races, religions, and cultures from all areas of the country (Birnes (2004)  p.171).  Unfortunately, his research leads him to conclude that we are test subjects for aliens.  But if that's true, it makes a good case for championing animal rights and for abolishing vivisection.  He structures his findings like this: 'Primary experiences, which involve procedures that the aliens perform the greatest number of times on the greatest number of people and that set the structure for all other procedures to come [tissue samples, implants].  Secondary experiences, which occur less frequently.  All abductees have some secondary experiences, but not during every episode, and some prodcedures might never be performed on individual abductees [mindscan, info-vision tech].  Ancillary experiences, which involve specialized sexual and other irregular procedures [hybrid production]'  (Jacobs (1992) p. 28 + 330).  


Japanes Airlines Flight 1628, see link ot the left


Jarod -  the name of an alien held at Area 51 according to Robert Lazar.  There is an anonymous over 70 year old former employee of Area 51 who uses the name Jarod 2 who has said 'he worked on designing reproductions of alien flying saucers and that he has actually seen the gray aliens living at the base'  (Birnes (2004) p. 171).  Fairly conjectural and difficult to prove.  Before you take Lazar on board too much ask yourself why someone with such high level security credentials, and such sought after creative technical skills, would be so desperate for cash that they took a job installing cctv in a local brothel, which is not only illegal but also a career risk, and not that well paid (but neverthless a kind act).  


JANAP - 146.  JANAP is the acronym of Joint Army/Navy/Air Force Publication and was began in February 1954. 146 was an order promulgated by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, also known as 'Communications Instruction for Reporting Vital Intelligence Sightings from Aircraft (CIRVIS)…the directive applied to both military personnel and to airline pilots and crews'  (Briazack & Mennick (1978) p. 113).  It required the immediate transmission of UFO sightings to the Air Defense Command (Aerospace) and the Secretary of Defense and the nearest US Military Command.  Unauthorized release of CIRVIS reports was classified as espionage which effectively prevented public knowledge of the events. 'Anybody discussing their sightings with the media or the public could be liable to imprisonment for up to ten years and/or a fine of $10,000.' (Spencer (1991) p. 207).  An excert from 146: 'All persons aware of the contents of the service report are governed by the Communications Act of 1934 and amendments thereto, and espionage laws.  CIRVIS reports contain information affecting the national defense of the United States within the meaning of the espionage laws, 18 US Code 793 and 794.  The authorized transmission or revelation of the contents of CIRVIS reports in any manner is prohibited.'


Jellyfish - On September 22, 1977 at 4am on Tuesday over Petrozavodsk in Karelia in the USSR (130 miles from Finland) a jellyfish like light effect was seen in the sky.  Hovering over the city a mass of bright light emitted a multitude of fine light beams. This resembled 'the shape of a jellyfish'  (Briazack & Mennick (1978) p.114) until the glow subsided revealing a semicircle which moved off towards Lake Onega where grey clouds transformed the spectacle, and then from the centre was seen 'a bright red semicircular opening' (ibid).  All in all the sighting lasted about twelve minutes and was reported in TASS, the official Russian news agency.


Jessup - Dr Morris Ketchum Jessup.  Scientist, astronomer, astrophysicist, mathematician, researcher, lecturer, author, nephew of a railroad baron, financier and philanthropist.  Born in 1900 he turned 17, graduated and joined the army as the US entered the WWI. Drake University, Des Moines, Iowa  and Ann Arbour Uni of Michigan took him on after the war and he found himself working with the largest refracting telescope in the Southern Hemisphere through Lamont-Hussey Observatory, Bloemfontein. (Berlitz & Moore (1979) p. 22).  Strangely although completing his doctoral thesis in 1933, he never officially received it, so he’s not an awarded “Dr”, technically (I imagine it was very good and he didn’t want anyone to know for shyness, and to be able to quietly get on with it. Confidentiality maybe).  A trip to the Amazon, work in Washington and off to Mayan ruins, then Inca and Pre-Inca Peruvian mysteries.  He drew the obvious conclusion  (pre Daniken) that the amazing feats of ancient masonry required 'levitating devices operated from sky ships'  (Berlitz & Moore (1979) p. 24).  The first proponent of the Ancient Astronaut theory.  He found evidence of similarity to Luna craters in the high plateaus of Mexico and went back to the US to raise funding in 1954.  1955 he released The Case for the UFO. 'The extension of the [UFO] motive-power theme to include some jolts to religion are rather obvious 'This space race [ancient astronauts] could be our God.  They could have left the earth millenia ago.'  (Berlitz & Moore (1979) p. 26) [Now, that's what I call pining for a lost love!].  Later he produced UFO And The Bible. By calling for the public to consider and theorise on this area in print and lectures, he attracted a very strange man indeed (maybe an alien - Klaatu?).  Bearing a Pennsylvanian postmark, Allende's letter was different to the normal fan mail, it was in different types of handwriting, colour and pencils and pens, it had odd capitalization, strange spelling, odd punctuation and various colours of underlining: see Carl Allende.  Allende also annotated Jessup's book in the margins, very intriguing for Jessup.




Which Sylvia Plath poem is quoted containing the line - "Sarcophagus and a face on it"  - answers on a postcard and you may win a prize  


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