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False Memory Syndrome – why am I even mentioning this?  It’s not true, it’s all lies, I must've dreamt it! Aargh.  FMS is attempted as an excuse to cover up child abuse (like Freud saying it’s all fantasy, so that his rich male clients continued to pay him to belittle and ridicule their vulnerable female relatives - a shocking betrayal of his professional position) and “is a controversial subject in UFO research because some skeptics believe it is the regression therapists themselves who…then believe that events reported by abductees are, in fact, alien abductions, and who then suggest that scenario to their vulnerable and highly suggestible patients” (Birnes (2004) p.127).  There is more vested interests in space exploration - surveillance, technological advancements, covert medical and scientific testing of weapons systems, other non-ethical, non-legal invasions - than there is in criticising the dominant male corrupted social structure which oppresses women and children, and men.  However the patients wouldn’t have been there if something hadn’t been bothering them.  Basically stay away from hypnotherapists, because if it is military abductions then hypnosis will already have been used on you, and if not then no one will believe you once a hypnotherapist has been alone in the room with you [cue maniacal laughter] because they may have implanted the idea in your head as a suggestion.  If they are an 'efficient'  hypnotist of military level, then you won’t notice them and it will have happened in a blink of an eye, or a turn of a phrase.  Obviously this is a dangerous business when your thoughts aren't your own and your words and meanings get twisted. Here we see how it feeds into mind control - see the Encylopedia of Mind Control by Jim Keith (1997).  Sirhan Sirhan the assassin of RFK, Senator Kennedy, JFK's brother, is an example of someone triggered by a ‘keyword’ - a Manchurian Candidate.  Very tricky business, memory seems open to interpretation and fairly fluid.  If you think you will gain then sometimes your mind plays tricks on you. “False Memory Syndrome has become an extremely controversial subject with regard not only to cases of …childhood sexual abuse (often of a SATANIC construct) but also to cases of alleged contact with and by aliens” (emphasis mine, reference Baker (1999) p.78). Trust your gut instinct.  Get a witness and get the regressive hypnotherapy session videotaped. It may be a useful tool in releasing trapped emotions of panic, fear and shock and also in coming to terms with the revealed knowledge of advanced civilisations.


Fatima – May 13 1917, three children shepherding in Portugal saw a bright flash of light and the appearance of a woman who asked them to return once a month to see her.  Although fifty people accompanied them the following time, no one else saw the vision, but they did hear a low buzzing hum (electronic equipment?).  The children knelt and talked with the vision they saw, then a small cloud rose up from a nearby tree.  Next month it was 4,500, again the buzzing sound, again the small cloud and also strange lights in the sky.  The event grew to "tens of thousands" of spectators (Catholic country) and "a revolving, silvery disc ufo was seen" (Baker (1999) p.79).  What the Blessed Virgin Mary is doing with a flying saucer is anyone’s guess, perhaps it is an airborne creche for a new telepathic hybridic race.  It is worth noting here (in our religious section, as it were) that the Virgin's story of a hybrid birth of God and human - a hybrid who went on to be resurrected from death - is a tale derived from Inanna, the Queen of Heaven, who died and rose again.  


Fairies – Faeries, the little people. Rumours abound that they can be nasty little tricksters, but I like to think that they are just incredibly wise with a lot of forethought. In the ‘olden’ days, pre-industrialisation, when there was still natural magic and superstition in the land, people went to market to trade, and danced around the Maypole in the Springtime.  If encountering fairies on their way to such events, it might be that they would see a ring of dancing folk and join in.  There are tales of missing time whereby they would leave the dance and find two hundred years had passed!  William Grant Stewart wrote The Popular Superstitions and Festive Amusements of the Highlanders of Scotland and speaks of their passions thusly: “The fairies are remarkable for the amorousness of their dispositions, and are not very backward in forming attachments and connections with the people that cannot with propriety be called their own species.” (Vallee (1988) p. 126)  Entering the fairy realm would be another dimension, or a mystical land underground or in the air, eating fairy food would spellbind you and fairy lights would enchant you as would fairy singing and music, or sounds generally.  See the similarities with aliens?  Probably the connection is hyponosis.  Walter Evans-Wentz The Fairy Faith in Celtic Countries (1911) is a good reference for this. See also Leannain Sith, The Gentry, Elementals, Pixies, Elfen, Gnomes, Goblins, Lepricauns, Munchkins, Fauns, Brownies, Banshees, Merfolk, Selkies and other races of mining dwarves and little flying folk and hill dwellers, but do not look at them directly or they will disappear, and that’s more than you need to know, otherwise they may shoot you with elfshot and then you would forget, and be tracked and plagued with annoying yet insignificant tribulations, and no one would believe you anyway. Just get the lovely film Photographing Fairies out on video instead or read Katharine Briggs’s An Encyclopedia of Fairies (1976).


Flatter – Gary.  In Blackford County, Indiana during October 1973 (date unknown) Gary saw a pair of entities dancing in the roadway.  When he shone a light on them they clicked their heels and rose into the air, drifting into the sky.  The same evening one mile away, Mr and Mrs DeWayne Donathan saw two figures dressed in silver suits “dancing as if to music” (John Spencer, The UFO Encyclopedia (1991) p.98). Maybe they were wearing infrared, or bluetooth headphones, or mayber they were having a telepathic argument?   Anyway, the sight of it intrigued the Donathans, and although they had driven past, thinking it odd they turned the car around went back.  The figures had gone but in the sky two lights were flickering and moving rythmically up and down.  I am reminded of the Roswellian quote from the radar operator, Frank Kaufman, who spotted the unknowns flickering and pulsing across his screen in 1947 – “the blips were just dancing”.


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