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Nazca – This flat plain in the mountains of Peru is famous for the Nazca Lines which are strangely etched into the loose surface dust and have been there since the beginning of recorded history, but were only found by westerners when they saw them from above by aeroplane. Local people walk the paths as meditational trails in shamanistic ritual.  The tracks are in the shape of a spider, a monkey, a scorpion  a  coiled snake and other creatures, but drawn huge, too huge to see from the ground.  Some of the lines are straight, like runways. They seem to have an astrological or astronomical purpose, or to have served as beacons to ancient visitors from the sky.


Near Death Experiences – NDE.  This is the link between the living and the dead, the border crossing.  It is signified by the moment when you see yourself from outside your body, perhaps looking down at your body on a hospital bed, from somewhere near the ceiling.  It is the soul’s journey where your ghost travels, perhaps to learn something or to appraise your life so far.  It can be done at will or caused by sudden trauma.  It is near death, because you return to tell the tale and retain the memory of the moments spent outside your phsyical shell.  Experiences have reported travelling “through a long, dark tunnel, at the end of which is an incredibly bright light which, nevertheless is easy [and comforting] to look at.  Once ‘inside’ this light, the experiencer frequently meets friends or family members who are dead.” (Baker (1999) p. 172)  Or they may just get the sense that it is not the right time for them to leave, they may wish to remain in the spirit realm, but be told firmly that they must go back to complete their mortal life’s work.  In an alien abduction the experiencer also may leave their physical body behind, travelling by flotation through walls, closed windows or ceilings.  I’m sure there are many texts to look at on this subject.  There is also one from the clinical perspective comparing the NDE with the alien encounter called The Omega Project: Near-Death Experiences, UFO encounters and Mind at Large (1992) with Dr Kenneth Ring, Professor of Psychology looking at what have been called “encounter-prone personalities” and their spiritual sensitivity anecdotes.


New Zealand encounter 1978, see link to the left


Nexus – magazine on conspiracies, ufos and new age future science.


Niagara Falls – At some point in January, an unnamed woman (mother of an important military son) was driving in 1958 somewhere near Niagara, and thought she saw a crashed plane. Visibility was poor as it was nightime and snowy, and so she had been driving cautiously: “A large shape was visible, and a slim rod at least fifty feet high was illuminated and getting shorter as though it were sinking into the ground.  My motor slowed down and as I came closer my car stopped completely.  I became panicky and tried desperately to start it as I had no lights.  My first thought was to get out and see what was happening but I suddenly saw two shapes rising around that slim pole which was still growing shorter.  They were suspended but moving about it.  They seemed to be like animals with four legs and a tail but two front feelers under the head, like arms.  Then, before I could even gasp the things disappeared and the shape rose and then I realized it was a saucer, it spun and zoomed about ten feet off the ground and up into the air and I could not even see where it went.  My lights suddenly came on.  I started the car and it was all right.  I pulled up to that place, got out with a flashlight and walked over to where it had been sitting. A large hole was melted in the snow about a foot across and grass was showing on it.  The grass was warm, but nothing was dug up around there.” (Vallee (1988) p. 21).  Why Vallee takes this one on board but rejects Billy Meier, I can’t fathom.


NICAP – National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomenon, “among the leaders of NICAP, one of the most influential UFO groups in the fifties and sixties, were at least three well-known intelligence operatives: Bernard Corvalho, Nicholas de Rochefort, and Colonel Joseph Ryan, men who were trained practitioners of the modern techniques of psychological warfare” (Vallee (1988) p. 224).  Psychological warfare can involve the production of visions: “Under the Nixon administration, a White House task force had even proposed a scheme for the invasion of Cuba that involved a submarine equipped with lasers.  It would “paint” an image of Christ over the island to simulate the Second Coming.  This “miracle” it was thought, would disturb the Catholic population in Havana, paralyze communications, and disorganize the Cuban armed forces long enough for commandos to…overthrow the [Fidel] Castro regime.” (Vallee (1988) p. 224)  Propaganda shows on clouds and audio terror was deployed in the Vietnam War by psychological operations groups (psyop), says Vallee, which may be true, but he also accuses Billy Meier of being a hoaxer, and there is no proof for that (Vallee (1991) p. 256).


NSA – National Security Agency.  Begun in 1952 by President Harry Truman in order to plan, coordinate and direct signals intelligence and information in support of US defence.  “The ability to understand secret foreign communications while protecting our own [is a corruption of honour] – a capability in which the United States leads the world – confers a unique competitive advantage…cryptology, the fundamental mission and core competency of the NSA…exploiting [signals intelligence – SIGINT] foreign electromagnetic signals and protecting [information systems security]  the electronic information critical to US national security.”  (Baker (1999) p. 171)  Sigma is alledgedly the group within NSA which “oversees electronic communications with extraterrestrial groups” or perhaps negotiates with them.


NORAD – North American Aerospace Defense Command. NORAD uses SAGE (Semi-Automatic Ground Environmental) system to track all air traffic over the continental US. “It is possible that a UFO crashed near Laredo or Del Rio, Texas, on December 6th 1950, although less is known about it than the event at Roswell.  Col. Robert Willingham singed an affidavit in 1977 stating that while F-94s were being tested at Dyess AFB, radar caught a UFO on a high-speed intercept course with the planes.  Some of the personnel saw the object shortly afterward, which Willingham claimed was not a missile.  The object “played around a bit” and even made ninety-degree turns at high speed.  North American Air Defense (NORAD) tracked it, and the object was said to have crashed near the Mexican border.  Willingham said that he and a copilot took a light aircraft to the site but were immediately escorted away.  On his way back, he saw what looked like part of the crash field and picked up a small piece of metal, possibly debris, from the ground.  Willingham claimed that, like the Roswell debris, this metal “just wouldn’t melt.”  He took it to a Marine Corps metallurgy lab in Hagerstown, Maryland, for analysis, never saw the metal again, and was even told that the man he asked for had never worked at the lab, nor did anyone there know anything about it.  He claimed he was later told never to discuss the matter.” (Dolan (2002) p. 88)   On “11th November, a UFO was reported visually and tracked on radar at the Canadian Forces radar site at Falconbridge, Ontario.  The following message from the Commander-in-Charge of North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) was relayed to NORAD units in North America:  “This morning, 11 Nov 75, CFS Falconbridge reported search and height finder radar paints on an object up to 30 nautical miles south of the site ranging in altitude from 25,000 ft to 72,000 ft. The Site Commander and other personnel say the object appeared as a bright star but much closer.  With binoculars the object appeared as a 100ft diameter sphere and appeared to have craters around the outside….To date efforts by Air Guard helicopters, SAC helicopters and NORAD F-106s have failed to produce positive ID” On 13th  November NORAD informed the media in Sudbury, Ontario that the sighting had occurred at 4.05am., and that two F-106 jets of the USAF Air National Guard’s Fighter Interceptor Squadron at Selfridge Air Force Base, Michigan, were scrambled, but the pilots reported no contact with the object.” (Good (1993) p. 196-7)


Nordics – Scandinavian or Aryan blondes with blue eyes and tall althetic physiques.  I think, that after the Nazi obsession with breeding such a ‘super race’, these ufological entities have to be suspect.  They seem prone to wearing tight all in one skisuits or jumpsuits or leotards and may be taller than an average human.  Their eyes may apparently be “like a cat” (Randles & Hough (1994) p. 128) whether that is the vertical pupil, or the slanted almond shape, I’m not sure, maybe both, maybe it depends on the individual.  “In appearance they resembled the popular idea of the Norse gods, and were therefore nicknamed ‘Nordics’ by UFO buffs.  These entitities tended simply to observe [and to give messages], to be compassionate or even friendly, and to display near-magical powers like wizards (such as walking through walls, possessing ESP, materialising and dematerialising).” (ibid p. 128).  I assume they are what used to be called Venusians.  On November 16th 1957, Cynthia Appleton (27) was at home with her young daughters in Aston, Birmingham.  She lost an hour of time.  On the 18th at 3pm in the afternoon a strange electrically charged pink hue filled the house with the smell of ozone.  There was a high-pitched whistling and a nordic materialized ontop of a now blackened newspaper.  He had “elongated eyes, pale skin and long blonde hair…[wearing] a silver one-piece suit with a covered helmet…[he] looked like ‘a Greek athelete’.  She was stunned at first, but then he began to communicate with her by telepathy, saying ‘Do not be afraid’…[he said his planet Gharnasvarn] wanted to interact peacefully, but could not do so because of our atomic weapons and earthly aggression.” (Randles & Hough (1994) p. 137) Bear in mind this was telepathy and Mrs Appleton feels that his planet was Venus.  He opened his arms and produced a three dimensional representation of ufos and atomic explosions.  14 months produced eight visits, until his final one on January 17th 1959.  After the first two he didn’t bother to materialize anymore but simply knocked on the front door wearing a suit!  Her psychologist heard later how she had been lectured on “the structures of the atom, how to cure cancer by realigning the vibrational rates of sub-atomic mattter, how time was an artificial concept” and she even told him – Dr John Dale – about laser beams before they were invented. (ibid p. 138)  Luckily Ronald Appleton, a metal welder, believed his wife, even though in May 1959 she gave birth to a boy.  This had been predicted by the nordic (very much like the Joseph and Mary gift of Jesus) in September 1958 who said “The baby’s father will be your husband but the child will belong to the race on Gharnasvarn.” (ibid p. 139)  The alien also said what name they should give the child and that he would be a powerful world leader [wasn’t John Major, was it?].


Norway – In June 1952, a Norwegian newspaper called Zeitung reported on a sasucer crash retrieval near Spitzbergen.  Jet fighters over the Himlopen Straits got radio interference problems after seeing a large blue disc stationary in the snow.  An investigation by the Norwegian Air force found the disc was 125 feet in diameter, metallic with a plexiglass dome, and powered by remote control with no entities present.  Forty-six jets were found to cause the saucer to rotate around the rim. When dismantled and analyzed at Narvik it was found to have a flight range of 18,000 miles and fears were that it was a Soviet device for bombing missions, however this is denied by the Norwegian government. (Spencer (1991) p. 289)


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