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Encyclopedicus Ufologicus Bibliography

     (in order of appearance)



Above Top Secret , Timothy Good 1993

Flying Saucers 50 years Later, C.A Honey 2002

The UFO Book Encyclopedia of the Extraterrestrial, Jerome Clark 1998

Hollywood vs. The Alien, Bruce Rux 1997

The Complete Book of UFOs, Jenny Randles & Peter Hough 1994

The Rainbow Conspiracy, Brad & Sherry Steiger 1994

The Philadelphia Experiment Project Invisibility, Charles Berlitz & William Moore 1979

UFO and The Bible, Dr Morris Jessup *

Our Ancestors Came From Outer Space, Chatelain Maurice 1980

The UFO Magazine UFO Encyclopedia, William J. Birnes 2004

Underground Bases and Tunnels, Richard Sauder *

The Scole Experiment, Grant & Jane Solomon 1999

The UFO Guidebook, Norman Briazack & Simon Mennick 1978

The UFO Encyclopedia, John Spencer 1991

UFOs and the National Security State1941-1973, Richard M Dolan 2002

Alien Liaison, Timothy Good 1991

Alien Agenda, Jim Marrs 1997

Connecting The Dots, Paola Leopizzi Harris 2003

Alien Contact, John & Anne Spencer 1997

Vibrational Medicine, Richard Gerber 1988

Angels Don’t Play This HAARP, Jeane Manning & Nick Begich 2001

Channeling, Jon Klimo 1987

The Inner Group Teachings of H. P. Blavatsky, Henk Spierenburg 1995

Bluebird, Colin Ross 2000

Cosmic Voyage, Courtney Brown 1996

Glimpses of Other Realities, Volume I Facts and Eyewitnesses 1993

Glimpses of Other Realities, Volume II High Strangeness, Linda Moulton Howe 1998

The Encyclopaedia of Alien Encounters, Alan Baker 1999

Crash At Corona, Stanton Friedman & Don Berliner 1992

Synchronicity and the Paranormal, Carl Jung 1997

Flying Saucers A Modern Myth of Things Seen in the Skies, Carl Jung 1978

UFO Study, Jenny Randles 1981

Alien Update, Timothy Good 1993

Mammoth Book of UFOs, Lynn Picknett 2001

Secret Life, David Jacobs 1992

A Biography Carl Gustav Jung, Frank McLynn 1996

UFOs From Behind the Iron Curtain, Ion Hobana & Julien Weverbergh 1975

The UFO Experience A Scientific Enquiry, J. Allen Hynek 1972

Mass Control Engineering Human Consciousness, Jim Keith 1999

The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects, Edward Ruppelt 1956

Passport to Magonia, Jacques Vallee 1969

Revelations, Jacques Vallee 1991

Light Years, Gary Kinder 1987

UFOs Operation Trojan Horse, John Keel 1970

Secret Weapons, Sex, Spies and Sabotage, Cheryl and Lynn Hersha,

Dale Griffis and Ted Schwarz 2001

True Life Encounters, Unexplained Natural Phenomena, Keith Tutt 1997


Limitless Mind, Russell Targ 2004

Psychic Warrior, David Morehouse 1996

Remote Viewers, Jim Schnabel 1997

From Out of the Blue, Jenny Randles 1991

The Roswell UFO Crash, Kal K. Korff 2000

The Roswell File, Tim Shawcross 1997

The Demon-Haunted World, Carl Sagan 1996

The Earth Chronicles Book I The 12th Planet, Zecharia Sitchin 1976

The Earth Chronicles Book IV The Lost Realms, Zecharia Sitchin 1990

Occult Illustrated Dictionary, Harvey Day 1975.                

Mind Stalkers, Commander X

Vital Signs, Andy Thomas 1998

UFOs A Manual for the Millenium, Phil Cousineau 1995

The Monuments of Mars A City On the Edge Of Forever, Richard Hoagland 1996

The Gods Were Astronauts, Erich Von Daniken 2001

Sleeping Abductees, Ashayana Deane 2001

The Truth Behind the Men In Black, Jenny Randles 1997

The Extraterrestrial Encyclopedia, David Darling 2000

Oxford Encylopedic English Dictionary, Hawkins & Allen 1991

Dimensions, Jacques Vallee 1988

The Book of the Damned, Charles Fort 1919

Alien Chronicles, Matthew Hurley 2003

The Little Giant Encyclopedia, Jenny Randles 2000

UFOs are Real: Here’s the Proof, Edward Walters & Bruce Maccabee 1997

Unlocking Alien Closets, Leah Haley 2003

UFOs and Ufology, the first 50 years, P. Devereux & P. Brookesmith 1997

I am Me, I  am Free, David Icke 1996

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