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F continued

Flaxton – John and three companions were in Hythe, Kent (G.B) in November 1963 when they saw a star, but they modified this notion when it began to glow red and yellow and moved down behind some nearby trees.  A golden light shone in the field  and moved in sync with the spectators until it disappeared behind trees from whence appeared a black entity which seemed humanish, yet it had bat wings and no head.  Understandably, John and his friends left the area in terror. (J. Spencer (1991) p.115).  Probably a similar event as the Mothman (see John Keel, The Mothman Prophecies).


Flying Saucer Review – Established in 1955, one of the first British magazines dedicated to ufology, it did a great deal to bring awareness of the pilots of the craft, and the international flavour of the events by covering reports from all around the Globe. The editor Gordon Creighton holds this opinion: “There seems to be no evidence yet that any of these craft or beings originate from Outer Space.  The whole phenomenon involves a mass of features that conflict with modern science” or what we are told is “modern science”?” (Baker, p.82).  It’s the old story of good versus evil, rendered in technology and investigated in circles. FSR is a longstanding source of printed information on FSs.


Foo Fighters – Airplane pilots in WWII reported being followed by strange green glowing balls of fire (in French fire is feu, which maybe where foo came from). Perhaps due to the huge and wasted loss of life in the First World War, and the amount of angry departed soldiers, and civilians, the souls of the dead intended to disrupt by haunting with their soul’s light, thus protecting pilots and preventing more death if possible, perhaps they were curious of their comrades (that’s my theory). The Germans thought it was an Allied secret weapon, the Allies thought it was a German one.  On some occassions the Foos “entered and moved slowly inside the fuselage” (Spencer (1991) p.118).   Jim Marrs (1997) thinks he has traced it to the Feuerball, a secret antiradar, unmanned device, quoting Renato Vesco he describes it as “a highly original flying machine…circular and armored, more or less resembling the shell of a tortoise…powered by a special turbojet engine, also flat and circular…operation…generated a great halo of luminous flames…Radio controlled at the moment of take-off, it then automatically followed enemy aircraft, attracted by their exhaust flames, and approached close enough without collision to wreck their radar gear.” (Marrs (1997) p. 99).  However I argue that the Foo Fighters didn’t cause harm, only spooked the troops, and how could an armored tortoise type turbojet enter through a fuselage like a ghost?  I know I mentioned the Philadelphia unified field theory experiments (1943) but thinking about the primitive equipment around in the Second World War, I doubt the technology was as advanced as this by then.


Forrestal – James. Secretary of Defense under President Truman apparently vicitmised by Air Force Secretary Stuart Symington, seemingly over issues of defense spending.  He is rumoured to have run screaming through the halls of the White House in a panic prompted by knowledge of alien interferance.  John Spencer thinks he was “a member of the Majestic 12 panel formed to investigate UFOs in the 1940s” (Spencer (1991) p. 150) as he was then Secretary of the Navy, before becoming Secretary of Defense in 1947.  They confined him to mental care at Bethesda US Naval Hospital because he knew “they” were after him.  Truman took Forrestal’s three thousand page journal, and under presidential orders the hospital put him on the 16th floor, against medical advice.  They put him on “narcosis” treatment – that is sedatives and tranquilizers –and refused to let friends access him.  Seven weeks later he was found dead in the street below his window, with an unbroken, knotted bathrobe cord tied tightly around his neck. The “local police did not investigate” as it was on Naval territory, and he was “de facto a key player in the formulation of UFO policy” due to his position (Dolan (2002) p. 75). Apparently Forrestal’s death was “very much desired by individuals or groups who, in 1949, held great power in the United States” (ibid, p.73) and occurred a month after the conversation which so frightened him with Symington, which seems to have been called  his ‘resignation’.


Fort – Charles Hoy Fort was born August 9 1874 (Albany, New York) and died May 3 1932 in the Bronx Royal Hospital, NY.  He is famous for collecting bizarre anomalous data for his archives.  His Book of the Damned (1919) concentrates on all the weirdness normal science can’t deal with and so ignores. It’s a difficult book to read, not very well referenced: “In Montana, in the winter of 1887, fell snowflakes 15 inches across, and 8 inches thick (Monthly Weather Review, 1916 p73)…Black rains – red rains – the fall of a thousand tons of butter. Jet-black snow – pink snow – blue hailstones – hailstones flavored like oranges.” (Fort (1919) p. 33).  He also mentions dirigibles: “..upon No. 17, 1882, a vast dirigible crossed England, but by the definiteness – indefiniteness of all things quasireal some observations upon it can be correlated with anyting one pleases” (p. 300) make of that what you will.  Perhaps he was a disinformation agent, absorbing all things excluded by mainstream science for being too odd into Forteana so that they could remain excluded, and documenting them in a book that only completely isolated geeks could have the time to ponder and comprehend, and that most people would dismiss as uncorroborated rubbish.  This tendency continues in the Fortean Times Magazine which is very good in parts and tripe in other parts, and just misogynistic enough to put women off, but not enough for men to notice.  Afterall, by page 35 Fort has mentioned “harlots” and “rape” for no specific or valid reason  (“By progress we mean rape.” What the hell is that about and why is it in there? That’s the Nazi mentality right there, very offensive, very off putting, stupid perverted old man.)  How often nowadays do we get falls of frogs or fish from the sky?  And if that happened wouldn’t you just take it as red that someone with no animal rights values had been past in a dirigible?  There is strangeness out there, simulcra etc but there is also trickery and foolishness which can add up to a larger, more threatening callous eventuality, and it’s called psychological warfare.


French Flying Saucers Report  - Former French defense officials released a report in 1998 suggesting that ET UFOs may be hostile. The document is called “UFOs and Defense: What must we be prepared for?” – “Les OVNI et la Defense, A quoi doit-on se preparer?” and was published by COMETA (Committee for In Depth Studies).  The authors have outstanding credentials from the highest levels of the military. (Birnes, (2004)  p.138-9)


Friedman – Stanton. A Canadian nuclear physicist, working for General Electric, General Motors and Westinghouse amongst others for fourteen years.  In 1978 he came across Major Jesse Antoine Marcel, the base intelligence officer from the 509th Bomber Squadron at Roswell Army Air Field and due to this interview he was able to access research into the Roswell Incident in earnest and has continued ever since.  He produced Crash at Corona (1992) with Don Berliner, and later went on to research the MJ-12 document, discovering the Majestic group, and producing MJ-12 (Top Secret/Majic). One of the few whose opinion on the Santilli Autopsy Footage of the Roswell Alien is that it may have been a genetically altered female human, possibly with Turner’s Syndrome. He is a highly respected ufologist and has given over a thousand lectures. He has also done prime research into the Betty and Barney Hill case, especially the star map and Zeta Reticuli element.


Fry – Not the Futurama red headed pizza delivery boy, but Daniel – a technician at the White Sands Missile Proving Grounds in New Mexico in 1950. He saw a typical saucer craft (scout ship) land in the desert and then telepathy began with A-lan who was a being apparently controlling the scout ship from a mother ship 900 miles away in Earth’s orbit. Invited by A-lan to climb aboard the scout ship Fry was transported to New York (a 4000 mile trip) in half an hour.  An important point is that A-lan imparted the knowledge of the mothership containing  the aliens for several generations (meaning I guess that their planet had become uninhabitable  due to environmental disasters, and that they were cruising around looking for another one).  See Fry’s book The White Sands Incident 1966 for more information on the aliens concern that humanity not destroy itself with nuclear power (Baker (1999) p. 84).


Fusion – Nuclear fusion “is the joining together of two nuclei at high temperatures to form a heavier nucleus with the release of a large amount of energy.  Main sequence stars produce light and heat through the fusion of hydrogen into helium in their cores. In red giants, successively heavier nuclei fuse, at higher temperatures, to form elements such as carbon, oxygen and silicon which are the basis of Earth-like planets and life.” (David Darling, The Extraterrestrial Encyclopedia (2000) p.159).


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