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Shamanism – “Shamans go through experiences very similar to abductees In their acquisition of knowledge.  Quite often it is a light which begins the experience for the shaman, reaching inside his[her] head and allowing him [her] to acquire second sight.  In abduction accounts there are many references to light: a light through which people are abducted on to a flying saucer; the brilliance of the light emanated by the saucer; and the strangeness of the light inside the flying saucer, which rarely comes from any particular source but seems to glow from the very machine [is it a machine?] itself.  Just as many abductees are taken into space and shown the Earth from above, so the shaman is often given exactly the same trip.  Looking down from above the Earth, nothing is hidden from the shaman who can see every land and the soul of every person.  This is all part of the knowledge that he must acquire.  In the Anders case in Sweden, the abductee was apparently pierced in the head during his abduction.  By using rock crystal and a mineral – yttrium – in close proximity to the witness’s wound, both the witness himself and the researcher believe that they enhanced his memory recall.  In the Australian Aborigines’ shaman stories, the shaman is visited by a supernatural entity who pierces the man’s head and places a magic stone into the wound, giving great power and insight to the shaman.  There are those who would hold that the shaman is actually an abductee and forms part of the extraterrestrial interaction with humankind, and there are those who would simply state that these are human experiences translated in different ways, according to the culture in which they are experienced.”  (Spencer (1991) p. 353-354)


Sherman - Dan.  Despite saying that he would not talk about classified information for 75 years, he has, so maybe this is now declassified. provides a booklet which speaks of a Grey Project hiding behind a Black Project called SR-71.  You may have previously thought that PPD referred to Post Partum Document an artwork on life after birth by artist Mary Kelly, but in this case it means Project Preserve Destiny and relates to telepathic communication, or Intuitive Communication begun in 1947 and developed in the PPD Project from 1960 leading to hybrids: "In January of 1963, the first successfully managed embryo was produced under PPD supervision.  There were only a certain number of 'intcomm' capable personnel required, hence the genetic management phase of PPD was terminated in March of 1968." (2004, p. 12).  But the subject doesn't wake up to it until 25 years old or more.


Sitchin – Zecharia. A world-renowned Hebrew scholar and one of the few people alive able to read Sumerian Cuneiform script.  Author of The Earth Chronicles The 12th Planet, Book II The Stairway to Heaven, Book III The Wars of the Gods and Men, Book IV The Lost Realms, Book V When Time Began, Book VI The Cosmic Code, Divine Encounters, Genesis Revisited. “…Homo sapiens – is a stranger to Earth…Man’s ancestor apes are now placed at a staggering 25,000,000 years ago.  Discoveries in East Africa reveal a transition to manlike apes (hominids) some 14,000,000 years ago.  It was about 11,000,000 years later that the first ape-man worthy of the classification Homo appeared there…suddenly and inexplicably, some 35,000 years ago, a new race of Men – Homo sapiens…Cro-Magnon…made specialized tools…used skins for clothing…his drawing and sculptures evidence some form of ‘religion’…worship of a Moon Goddess, who was sometimes depicted with the sign of the Moon’s crescent.” (Sitchin (1976) p 1 – 3).  This was later to become Hathor of Ancient Egypt, their name for the Moon Goddess. His work raises more questions than you can shake an ancient stone at.  For example, Palenque AD 615-683 (possibly as old as up to 400 years BC) “…the Temple of Inscriptions contained a secret internal stairway that led all the way down…Within a stone sarcophagus…until then no other pyramid or temple in Mexico had been found to have served as a tomb…upon the stone lid…the image of a barefoot Maya sitting upon a plumed or flaming throne and seemingly operating mechanical devices inside an elaborate chamber…[Ancient Astronaut Society, and Erich von Daniken suggest] an Extraterrestrial is buried here.” (Sitchin (1990) p. 70 –- 72)


Social Stigma – “"All serious UFO researchers know that a very large proportion, a figure of 70 – 80 per cent is probably reasonable, of those making claims not only seek no publicity but make it apparent that their case and name should not reach public knowledge or even be anonymously quoted in books [think how many cases we don’t know about then!].  It is quite apparent from talking to these people [witnesses/experiencers] that their sole aim in discussing these events is to try to find some meaning to them and to take comfort from the fact that they are not alone.  There are many social pressures arising from UFO reporting, few of which are beneficial.  There are cases of people in authority, such as police officers, who have made public their claims only to either lose their job or find that peer pressure makes it impossible for them to continue their work.  There are several cases where people have been vilified by their local community, accused of religious fanatacism, been the subject of arson attacks and of general character assassination. [me, I have, the experience can have the affect of putting you outside of society].  For some people it appears that the more frightening content of UFO reports is best dealt with by ridicule and the alarming subject is thus dismissed.  A very few people have made some financial gain from their UFO reporting and there are clearly some who enjoy the publicity and attention that it brings; for the majority, even the smallest amount of publicity and attention is unwelcome.  Critics of those reporting abductions shoud bear in mind that these people are undergoing a trauma not dissimilar to rape where victim support is necessary (the Americans call this the ‘buddy system’) where kindness and understanding are often essential, and where one of the major duties of the UFO researcher is to provide or obtain some form of therapy to obviate the witness’s fears.  It is the simplistic view of UFOs and abductions which results in many witnesses remaining ‘in the closet’; a full exposure of all abduction material on UFO researchers’ files would undoubtedly cause this view to be reconsidered… if people had valid information instead of only silly season stories from the tabloid newspapers” [the stigma wouldn’'t be so crippling]." (Spencer (1991) p. 362-363)


Springheel Jack - Similar to the Mothman, this was a tall dark stranger, but without the wings.  A report from a London suburb of November 1837 states: "The intruder was tall, thin and powerful.  He had a prominent nose, and bony fingers of immense power which resembled claws.  He was incredibly agile.  He wore a long, flowing cloak, of the sort affected [worn] by opera-goers, soldiers and strolling actors.  On his head was a tall, metallic-seeming helmet.  Beneath the cloak were close-fitting garments of some glittering material like oilskin or metal mesh. [an early goth in pvc?] There was a lamp strapped to his chest.  Oddest of all: the creature's ears were cropped or pointed like those of an animal."  (Vallee (1970) p. 79)  Not so strange in retrospect, and are you, like me, wondering if this has anything to do with Jack the Ripper (1888-89)?  Spring-heeled didn't kill or eviscerate anyone though, he just rendered them unconscious with gas, maybe he got really angry later on as his perverted desires increased with his frustration.  It took a resident of Peckham to bring attention of the matter to the Lord Mayor by letter and soon the Duke of Wellington was riding out after dark to find the gaseous blighter, spured on by the promise of a financial reward which was never claimed, set up by Admiral Codrington. "On February 20, 1838, a girl of eighteen, Jane Alsop, of Old Ford, near Bow, London, heard a violent ringing of the frontdoor bell.  Going out, she faced the "most hideous appearance" [Jekyl and Hyde?] of Springheel Jack.  He wore shining garments and a flashing lamp on his chest.  His eyes resembled glowing balls of fire!  When Miss Alsop uttered a cry, the intruder grabbed her arm in clawlike fingers, but the girl's sister rushed to her rescue.  The visitor spurted a [blue] fiery gas in Jane's face, and she dropped unconscious.  Then Jack fled, dropping his cloak, which was picked up at once by another shadow who ran after him."  (Vallee (1970) p. 79)  So far this just sounds to me like a rich, ugly man, being perverted and with a darkly dressed servant.  The latest report we seem to have of him, until Jack the Ripper, was in 1877 when he was spotted airborn in Aldershot, Hampshire, England by two Sentries who tried to shoot him down.  He stunned them with his blue flame and escaped.  At some point reports state that he lept an impossibly high distance - hence the name - but the lamp/gas gadget and the leap may have been an inventors toys.  Still, the mystery has remained for over a century and so takes his place amongst the winged and headless dark and mysteriously bothersome nightime stalkers, like Mothman.



Stigmata – “Many UFO witnesses, and particularly abductees, have marks on their body [scoops, scratches, injection marks, burns and inflamations, discolouration] which are regarded as physical evidence of their encounters, in particular scars, apparent radiation burns and other specific wounds [implants].  The circumstances of many cases indicate that these are indeed real injuries but there are occasions when it appears that a traumatic event may have produced stigmata, i.e. psychosomatic wounding as a product of experience.  In one celebrated case a dream of a UFO experience by one witness resulted in what appeared to be a mark on his lower arm spelling out in blood, the letters UFO.  Since it is highly unlikely that UFO[occupant]s set out to leave such an obvious calling card, this is classified by some researchers as evidence of stigmata.  The extent to which abduction scars may be stigmata has never [or not yet] been fully explored.” (Spencer (1991) p. 366).


Strieber – Whitley and Anne. Visit them at


Swedenborg – Emanuel (1689-1772) Born in Stockholm, son of Bishop of West Gothland.  Raised to nobility in 1719 for his skills in physiology, mechnaics, mathematics, philosophy etc. “His scientific work explains the system of nature in relation to the creation of animal life and is based on the process of energic emanation, similar to that propounded by the Kabalah…in 1743, he turned from material to spiritual science and began a series of direct communications of wisdom…and divoted himself to discourse with higher minds…[which he wrote down] in Latin…[in]17 books…He practised yoga breathing to produce ecstasy and this opened the door to meditation, contemplation and intuition, and opened a private door to the infinite where he conversed with the spirits of the departed, angels and daemons.” (Day (1975) p. 126).  This produced details of the differences of peoples from other planets: “He described Mercurians as wanderers, whose spirits can even pass out of this solar system into others; Jovians as educators of their children, an expressively gentle and sweet people [By Jove!]; Saturnians as exceedingly humble; Venusians as divided into two orders, one mild and human and the other savage and brutal; and the people of the moon as dwarflike beings appearing as children of seven years old.” (Spencer (1991) p. 370) That would make the Greys from the Moon then.


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