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Which Sylvia Plath poem is quoted containing the line - "Sarcophagus and a face on it"  - answers on a postcard and you may win a prize  


Control your own mind                    Gathering Data . . . . .

Vallee – Dr Jacques.  In the Steven Spielberg film Close Encounters of the Third Kind, the Frenchman character who designs the sound system communication hand gesture is apparently based on Vallee (acted by Francois Truffaut).  He is a former principle investigator on Department of Defense (US) computer networking projects.  He was born in France and trained in astrophysics.  In 1962 he moved to the US and completed a Ph.D in computer science in 1967 (that’s early for computer science) and was a close associate with Dr Hynek.  Prompted by witnessing the destruction of tracking tapes of unknowns at a major observatory, he began a prestigious career in ufology.  He has authored many books: UFOs in Space, Anatomy of a Phenomenon (1965);  Challenge to Science, the UFO Enigma (1966) with his wife Janine Vallee;  Passport to Magonia (1969); Messengers of Deception (1979); Invisible College; UFO Chronicles of the Soviet Union; ALINTEL (1986); Confrontations, A Scientist’s Search for Alien Contact; Dimensions, A Casebook of Alien Contact (1988); Revelations, Alien Contact and Human Deception (1991).


Velikovsky – Immanuel.  A Freudian psychiatrist who, in 1951, was blacklisted by the academic community in the USA, for writing World’s In Collision, even though it was a bestseller.  He “explored the correlations between the biblical plagues and natural catastrophes, which he suggested were caused by extraterrestrial events [celestial portents]…The Mexicans…called Venus a “star that smoked” their phrase to describe a comet.  In the Hindu Vedas [noted Velikovsky] Venus is depicted with “fire accompanied by smoke”.  “Fire is hanging down from the planet Venus,” states the Hebrew Talmud.  In Egypt, Venus as Sekhmet was “a circling star which scatters its flames of fire.” The Aztecs called Venus Quetzalcoatl, or “plumed serpent” whose feathers…signify “flames of fire”.  The dragon or serpent is one of the most universal glyphs for the comet in the ancient world. [Therefore, Velikovsky conlcuded, the pillar of smoke by day and fire by night in the Book of Exodus] was the planet Venus moving in an elliptical orbit that brought it close enough to Earth to create global upheaval.” (Birnes (2004) p. 322-323).


Venus – People are always mistaking or blaming Venus whenever there is a UFO spotted, perhaps they mean that it is from Venus. Afterall since when has a stationary star been any cause to complain that there is an aerial device moving in a non mundane fashion above you, which cannot be explained as a conventional aircraft? On the 8th of June between 6.20am and 12.15 she passed infront of the Sun, and it was amazing to see how tiny she is, a little black dot thirty times smaller than the Solar disc.  It was an incredibly hot day as it was the closest Venus has been to Earth and she is suffering from the greenhouse effect of losing her atmosphere so there is nothing to protect her from the scorching solar blast. Remember Shakespeare being nasty about women again with: “Hell hath no fury, like a woman scorned”?  Well, “Venus is currently as close to “Hell” as it is possible to come, in a planetary context: unbreathable carbon dioxide at 100 times Earth’s current atmospheric pressure; a liberal sprinkling of pure sulphuric acid…simmering at about 900 degrees F”arenheit (Hoagland (1996) p. 249).  The truth is we don’t know how long Venus has been in this condition, it may be a short time, I’m sure we are capable of destroying our planet and transforming it into this disaster, we have easily enough nuclear weapons to do it.  We could probably do it next week, and the ETs that pass by will say it has always been like that, look at the state of it!  For some reason, William Birnes writes “NASA has discovered an array of pyramids and a Sphinx-like structure” on Venus (as well as Mars, Birnes (2002) p. 324) but he gives no reference for this claim and it is not in Hoagland’s The Monuments of Mars (1996), so run, quickly, to the NASA site and demand a need to know!


Villas-Boas, Antonio.  At 1am on October 16th, 1957 a tractor driving farmer from Sao Francisco de Salles in Minas Gerais, Brazil, saw a bright red/green star.  Reports are conflicting on this one, in three encyclopedias the details change - John Spencer says it was 10pm, Jerome Clark that it was 1am, William Birnes that it was early in the morning.  John Spencer thinks Antonio was dead by 1991 whereas Birnes in 2004 says "To this day he can still remember every detail of his encounter" (p. 43).  Anyway the craft landed and three entities took Antonio and stripped him, gelling up his naked bod.  The aliens in this case used a verbal language which sounded like canines. A sexy space siren with white head hair and red body hair seduced him very fast and then impersonated John Travolta (or the other way round) by pointing to her belly and then to the ceiling/stars/sky to imply fertility.  She also took a sperm sample, just to make sure.  They were obviously wise, or made him wise, as he went on to become a married lawyer with four kids.

Voronezh – Russia.  Robotic Giants go for a Walk in the Park, or as the Today Newspaper put it “Giants from outer space take robot for walkies in a Russian park: by David Lawson.  The aliens have landed…Three giant creatures 12 feet tall with tiny heads chose spare ground at Voronezh, 300 miles south east of Moscow, for a very close encounter…a shining ball seen by dozens of residents.  The UFO landed and out came giants, similar to humans and accompanied by a small robot.  “They went for a promenade near their spaceship” said official newsagency Tass.  “Then they disappeared back inside…Scientists [Genrikh Silanov and others from Voronezh Geophysical laboratory] confirmed that a UFO landed.  They also identified the landing site and found traces of aliens.” (Tuesday 10 October 1989 page 3 reproduced in Randles & Hough (1994) p. 259). The Times Newspaper (London, UK) called it the “story of the century” and they don’t usually speak in such spectacular terms.  Yet the date of the event seems vague, occurring “between 21 September and 2 October 1989”. (Baker (1999) p. 251)  Interestingly, Alan Baker  (The Encyclopaedia of Alien Encounters) then goes on to say “At 6.30 pm on 27  September, commuters watched a ‘pink haze’ moving through the sky over the park.  A metallic sphere then emerged from the haze and descended into one of the trees.  It then changed shape to that of a bulging cylinder, a hatch opened in the side and a humanoid entity looked out, then withdrew into the object.  The object moved further towards the ground, before disgorging several huge, three-eyed beings, between twelve and fourteen feet in height.  One of the beings reportedly fired some kind of pistol at a male passer-by who instantly vanished, to reappear, still in mid-stride, after the UFO had departed. According to some witnesses, one of the beings tried to climb an electricity pylon, which caused it to catch fire and vaporise.” (Baker (1999) p. 251-252).  There seems no definite confirmation that this is the same event, so it seems to have been an interesting time for Voronezh.


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