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"Here's one we made earlier.  We think you'll appreciate our brand new feature - the extra digit"


------------------------------------------------"Yes Sir, these are the types going to Mars.  There will be no squabbling over which way the loo seat rests now. "



"Our latest prototype nuclear power plant worker comes with predesigned radioactive mutation, so no nasty surprises later eh!"



"Yes, I've travelled from the Moon in my Starship, and ..."

"Nurse, section this woman immediately".


------------------------------------------------"OOOOuch!, This isn't quite the intergalactic handshake I was expecting"


------------------------------------------------"Doctor will this breast augmentation take long.  I have a hairdresser appointment later."

"Not long Miss Jones, you did sign the paperwork earlier didn't you?"



"Look, is this medical really necessary?  I'm meeting the World Leaders in the lobby in half an hour.  Your president has arranged it all for me"



"Erm!  No!  Actually it was a facial and a leg wax that I asked for!"



"So, in the repeat application that I apply in two weeks time, how long do I leave the napalm on for to achieve a creamy white smoothness and a reduction in my cellulite?"

Roswell Footage Alien (R.A.)

"Yeah that designer laser burn tattoo really hurt, but it was actually the eyelash wax that I resented."

"Yes it was expensive, I had to remortgage our second Moon for that"

Say for example that these

people came from the Moon.

Gravity would be different hence the changed body shape, residual hair on head and to shield eyes would be unecessary since the light on the Moon is less, and possibly due to being underground aswell, when visiting Earth they would definately be wearing 'sunglasses'.

Sunday Times

8th June 1997

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