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Jet Propulsion Laboratory - JPL.  'Isn't it peculiar what tricks of lighting and shadow can do' (Gerry Soffen in 1976 talking about the Face on Mars, quoted in Hoagland (1996) p. 5).  JPL is the lab used to analyse the NASA Mars footage. 'Right and World War II, when a branch of Aleister Crowley's neo-Templar cult flourished in Los Angeles, two of the most ardent members were Jack W. Parsons, a propulsion engineer, and L. Ron Hubbard, a science fiction buff.  Jack Parsons claimed to have met a Venusian in the desert in 1946 and went on to be one of the founders of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and of the Aerojet Corporation' (Vallee (1988) p. 225).  It makes you wonder what they are doing with light and shadows and their obfuscatory language. 'Newly published official documents based on internal Mars Observer Project memoranda have now come to our attention, relevant to technically answering the many questions which have arisen concerning Mars Observer's specific capabilities for reimaging the 'Monuments of Mars.'  These documents now present The Mars Mission with specific engineering evidence, from JPL itself, concerning the exact nature of Mars Observer's orbital capabilities.  This will allow a new level of informed outside analysis of the impact of these capabilities on the continuing controversy over reimaging specific targets in Cydonia: e.g., the 'City,' the 'Face,' The 'D&M,' etc., during the nominal 2-year duration of the Mars Observer Mission.' (Hoagland (1996) p. 385). 'Managed by the California Institute of Technology, JPL is NASA's centre for exploration of the solar system.  JPL spacecraft have visited all the planets in the solar system except Pluto, and their telescopes are observing distant galaxies to study how our solar system was formed.  JPL also manages the worldwide Deep Space Network facilities in California's Mojave Desert near Goldstone; as well as Madrid, Spain; and Canberra, Australia 'notably the 1999 failures of its two Mars missions are examples of the way JPL covers up the fact that something out there is interferring with our space probes.' (Birnes (2004) p. 173-4).


Johnson - Mr J Bond Johnson was the photographer in General Ramey's Office at Fort Worth Airbase in July 1947 during the Roswell Incident.  There was strange debris and a burnt smell, Johnson photographed it, then Ramey got a phonecall and ordered a subordinate to remove the debris and bring in other stuff from a hangar.  This other stuff was the weather balloon wreckage, balsa wood and foil. 'Ramey was then photographed holding a telegram in his hand, which supposedly contained a message from higher-ups to quash the flying disk story' (Birnes (2004) p. 174). See Ramey


Johnson -  Kelly.  Founder (amongst others) of the 'Skunk Works' a division of LockHeed responsible for the U-2 and SR-71 spy planes.  They seem to be deriving their technology from advanced sources resulting in Stealth capabilities. (Area 51).  'CIA historian Gerald Haines argued recently that most UFO sightings in the 1950s and 1960s were actually of classified aircraft such as the U-2 and SR-71 spy planes' .A closer inspection of the facts, however, reveals this claim to be specious [invalid]. The U-2, for instance, did not fly until 1955.  Its altitude was typically eighty thousand feet, and it flew straight as a string. [not much of an analogy as string bends!] It did not hover, nor accelerate instantly, nor land vertically, nor do any of the other things thousands of witnesses attributed to UFOs.' (Dolan (2002) p. xxviii-xxix).


Johnson. President Lyndon B. Johnson assumed the position in 1963 (he had been Kennedy's Vice President). The Haines Report on the CIA's History of UFOs states that Johnson 'held a high-level meeting on UFOs in the White House in November 1964.  The records of this meeting and the nature of the deliberations have never been released, fueling speculation that after the close of the Warren Commission, Johnson felt free to seek information regarding UFOs'  (Birnes (2004) p. 175). [The Warren Commission was the body set up to investigate the  Kennedy assassination].


Jung - Carl Jung lived through two centuries and two world wars. Born in 1974, Carl Jung was nearly dead in February 1944 and he had visions/out of body experiences, 'in one he had a clear view of the Earth from a height later estimated (from the fact that he could see the Mediterranean at the top left, Ceylon at the bottom right and India, Persia, Arabia and the Horn of Africa between) as being one thousand miles out in space, in another he saw a dark black obelisk floating out in space…In another vision he saw himself as the projection of an unidentified flying object, shaped like a magic lantern 'he drew the conclusion that the Self assumed human shape to enter three-dimensional existence, and found confirmation that our unconscious existence is the real one and the conscious an illusion'  (McLynn (1996) p. 456).  His opinion on Hitler? 'Hitler is 'placed' as a classic case of psychopathic dissociation…the 'Wotan' thesis of repression of the old dark gods comes into play and, confusingly, is at times mixed up with 'original sin and Luciferian pride' - an odd but typically Jungian syncretism of the Pagan and Christian' (ibid p. 461).  CIA? 'Allen Dulles, later director of the CIA, became a close friend and Jung apparently had inside knowledge of a number of Dulles's projects [for example] -  to kidnap the great German theoretical physicist Werner Heisenberg, thought to be working on an atomic bomb for the Nazis' ( ibid p. 455).  Einstein? 'One of the first objects of Jung's revisionist anger was Einstein, whom he had known well in the early years of the century.  In the late 1940s he began to speak slightingly of Einstein's unimaginative and purely analytical mind' and remarked sourly that if Galileo were alive today he would be sunning himself on a beach at Los Angeles in company with Einstein '[who] could be dismissed as a 'mere' one-dimensional scientist.  (ibid p. 467-8).  With alchemy, arcane lore and the unconscious happily on his side he went on to live longer than expected. 'Alchemy seemed to him the knowledge-matrix in terms of which all his interests ' Eastern philosophy, mandala symbolism, myth, fairy tales, dreams, religion and depth psychology 'could be harmonized and shown to be aspects of a single whole' (ibid p. 470).  In 1959 he wrote Memories, Dreams and Reflections, where he mentions encountering little blue hooded people who surround his circular house at night.  He evokes archetypes and significant historical/spiritual figures and by synchronistic messages and events hears their voices echoing through time.  It was the bizarre cracking in two of a steel knife in a closed drawer, the sound of which startled the household, that began his shamanistic questing.  His best quote? 'Help yourself and you help the world'.  He died 15.45pm 06/06/1961.  Two works to look at are Jung on Synchronicity and the Paranormal (1997) and Flying Saucers: A Modern Myth of Things Seen in the Skies (1978).  He documents patients 'dreams'  although he says of one 'after her Ufo experience our patient woke up in hospital with a burned face'  (Jung (1978) p. 32).  This is her dream: 'Interplanetary 'machines' appeared in the sky, and everyone fled.  The 'machines' looked like large steel cigars - I stand still and look - From the front, seen close to, it looked like a circular eye, half blue, half white - [in hospital, I found that] - mere sight of the machine had burnt my whole face 'my whole head was bandaged' (ibid p. 25).  It could be that as a famous psychologist Jung was obligated to investigate ufos 'mythically' in the same way that Freud retracted his statements about incest, (due to societal pressure) and labelled them 'fantasy' in order to be able to continue with his lucrative patriarchal career.

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