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CSETI – Centre for the Study of ET Intelligence, founded by Steven Greer, available through  They are working to bring witnesses into the public arena and present the evidence in a call to disseminate the findings.


Channelling – The act of listening to disincarnate voices (like the radio, but not an obviously terrestrial channel!) and speaking what they say, or as a medium going into trance and letting a disincarnate spirit use your voicebox to express their thoughts and messages. Sometimes it’s a lecture, sometimes in the form of question and answer sessions.  Similar to mediumship and clairaudience and automatic writing. It can be a gentle listening to the still, small voice inside, or a full blown, out of control possession fit like Carrie in the Exorcist (don’t watch that, it’s nasty).  “Psychiatrist Jan Ehrenwald, in his…Anatomy of a Genius; Split Brains and Global Minds (1986) presents his research on a variety of pathological and “optimum performance” individuals.  Of the famous medium Eileen Garrett, he writes, “She walked a tightrope between the extremes of madness and genius.” [don’t we all, it’s how you perceive it and who is interpreting it] His conclusion about channeling: Mental dissociation, culminating in hysterical trance states, has from time immemorial formed a veritable breeding ground for secondary personalities.  Such trance states have served as  a mouthpiece for the medium’s own unconsicous wishes, hopes, and utterances…In rare cases they may be possessed of a veridical [truthful] quality and contain elements suggestive of extrasensory perception [esp].” (Klimo (1987) p. 243). Madam Blavatsky and Edgar Cayce are examples, and it depends on the prevailing scepticism of the culture as to how much they get debunked.


Chupacabras – Meaning ‘goat-sucker’, apparently observed only since an explosion underground in Cabo Rojo area of Peurto rico 1987 and concentrated in Orocovis and Canovanas 1995.  Possibly a biological hybrid or a vampiric alien, it’s appearance seems somewhat devilish and menacing.  Their activities spread to the Brazilian mainland, Mexico, U.S and on via Latin American communities to Florida and Texas.  Glowing red eyes (like Spring Heeled Jack/Jim in the UK) horns or spikes, bipedal with powerful angular legs, green or black skin and the ability to ex-sanguinate it’s victims rapidly. (Encyclopaedia of Alien Encounters, Alan Baker (1999) p.46-7). See Orocovis


CIA – Central Intelligence Agency.  Set up in 1947 in response to the various crashes that took place in Roswell region (See Crash at Corona (Friedman & Berliner) and Above Top Secret (Good, T) and formed with Britain’s assistance and the unification of the Office of Strategic Services (US) and the Central Intelligence Group (US).  It has four sections that are ‘white’ (as opposed to ‘black’ and unknown): Directorate of Operations (propaganda/counter-intelligence); Directorate of Sci Tech (SIGINT, signal intelligence, photo and broadcast info and ‘interpretation’); Directorate of Intelligence (Global psi, sci and electronic weaponry, and imagery analysis); Directorate of Admin (training, finance, medical services, communications, security, logistics).  Umbrellared over the four is the National Intelligence Council which controls and disseminates. NASA (National Aeronautics & Space Admin) begun 1958, coordinates with the National Reconnaissance Office.  In April 1962 NASA pilot Joseph A Walker was appointed the task of detecting UFOs fifty miles high in an X-15.  He found cylindrical and disk shaped craft and filmed them in flight.  NASA has not yet released the images, claiming it was ‘ice’ and/or ‘witchcraft’ (Good (1987-8) p.363) – MAJIC?.  In April ’64 two radar techies at Cape Kennedy observed UFOs pursuing an unmanned Gemini space probe.  (If they haven’t made contact yet, and communicated, or worse even locked UFOs out using SDI satellites and space stations, then they never will!  Getting them to confess to this is another matter)  Also there is the National Security Agency (NSA, with various SIGINT, E-INT, RADAR – INT, communications security and human intelligence divisions) begun under President Truman in 1952. And, Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) begun officially in 1961 by President Kennedy’s Defense Secretary Robert McNamara to coordinate all US military intelligence services (USAF, Army and Navy).  NICAP (National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena) was a civilian group set up to oppose all this manipulation and secrecy in 1956 ny a former Navy physicist Tom Brown.  Unfortunately, as usually happens the debunkers and disinformationalists moved in from the CIA, because this “Need to Know” basis only position is very strong (for reasons unknown - possibly religious or spiritual, possibly political, economic, or to retain a dominant position for the priviledged).  After the negative Condon Report in ’69 it began to falter, and was absorbed by CUFOS in ’73. Let me join the crowd recommending UFOs and The National Security State: Chronology of a Cover-Up 1941-73, Richard M Dolan 200-02 (“…a thorough and monumental undertaking” Dr Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14 Astronaut).


Clementine 1 – 1994, NASA’s unmanned probe to the Moon, encouraged by the Office of Strategic Defense Initiative, discovered mountains higher than Everest, and water vapour at the Luna Poles.  For an in depth look at Moon anomalies (hard outer hull structure and internal discrepancies suggesting an engineered satellite, or that the Moon is the largest UFO we know, see Marrs’ Alien Agenda, and the video ‘What Happened on the Moon: Hoax, Lies and Videotape’).


Close Encounter Research Organization – (CERO) Founded and Managed by Yvonne Smith (abduction therapist) providing a safe harbour for traumatized abductees.


Collective Unconscious – Carl Jung “In cases of difficult psychological diagnosis I usually get a horoscope in order to have a further point of view from an entirely different angle…the astrological data elucidated certain points which I otherwise would have been unable to understand (1947, September 6, in a letter to B. V Raman).  Jung was a great believer in uncanny messages see Synchronicity and the Paranormal (1997) and “God in his omniscience, omnipotence and omnipresence is a totality symbol par excellence, something round, complete, and perfect.” [an eye in the sky] Flying Saucers: a Modern Myth of Things Seen in the Skies (1978) p.21. “The question of anti-gravity is one which I must leave to the physicists…[the Ufos could be] something psychic that is endowed with certain physical properties [but this] seems even less probable” p.110.  Jung recorded his patient’s physical effects of ufo contact, but kept an open mind on the subject, very wise and forever Jung


Condon – Dr Edward chaired a University of Colorado panel in 1968 (the year  Space Odyssey 2001 by Stanley Kubrick hit the cinemas).  He was a nuclear physicist (Manhattan Project WWII) and a government insider, and despite the U of C’s Study determining UFOs to be real, and Condon saying “…their reports of sightings in the highest category of credibility…the Gemini 4 Mission sighting of an object showing details such as arms protruding from an object having no noticeable angular extension”, Condon was used to put the wraps on the Blue Book Project which was officially closed in 1969.  Robert Low was the Project coordinator for the Condon Report. He wrote in an internal memo that “the trick” would be to convince the public and anyone else reviewing the material that the study was completely objective, although it was actually rigged so that there would be “zero expectation of finding a saucer” (Birnes (2004) p. 192-3). See the Rockefeller Panel (1999) which reversed this decision.


Contactee – different to an abductee (although perhaps it begins the same way?) because they consciously receive and initiate contact with the Others, and are aware of a relationship (aports, telepathy, audio and visual stimuli, sense of touch etc) receiving messages which they feel compelled to impart.  The main difference seems to be that contactees meet pretty human types, while abductees get caught by creatures who are a bit more scary to deal with, either because of their physical difference from us or because of their apparently criminal behaviour (abductees being kidnapped out of their beds, medically tampered with and sometimes physically damaged by their contact, whilst contactees usually report inspiring messages and pleasant experiences).


Cooper – Colonel Gordon Cooper, an original Mercury astronaut and the last American to fly in space alone, said to the United Nations General Assembly that the UFO secrecy began during or after WWII “somebody had some vehicles that had so much better performance than anything we had…Then as time went on, it just got more embarrassing trying to cover it up…in 1951 [I had]…observation of many flights of them, of different sizes, flying in fighter formation, generally from east to west over Europe”.  In 1997 the National Enquirer printed an interview where Cooper said “I had a camera crew filming the installation [of a precision landing system at Edwards Air Force Base in California] when they spotted a saucer.  They film it as it flew overhead, then hovered, extended three legs as landing gear and slowly came down to land on a dry lake…shiny silver and smooth, about thirty feet across…an alien craft”, on Roswell: “…what crashed was a craft of alien origin, and members of the crew were recovered.” (Birnes 2004).


Corso – Colonel Philip J Corso, uncanny experiences and in 1997 in Roswell he told Paolo Harris “In a gold mine, I met one of those things [aliens]…It had a glass helmet with a silverfish band and a red jewel or sensor in the middle” apparently the ‘alien’ or inner earther said to Corso “A new world, if you can take it” (P.Harris (2003) p. 6). This is covered in Chapter 20 of Whitley & Anne Strieber’s Confirmation (1998) and in Corso’s own book The Day After Roswell (1997). This could be an attempt to connect the aliens with the illuminatii plot for a new world order. Well, illumined ones, light beings, the reptilians may want to unify the earth’s population and control us, but they shouldn’t be so repressive about it, the means don’t justify the end and will only cause us trouble). There are other dimensions out there and we will show you, but you’ll only be able to experience it if you’re able to handle it mentally, emotionally and with wisdom and humour. “Lt. Col. Corso has a Cold War military officer’s perspective and wrote in his book on page 267: “These creatures weren’t benevolent aliens who had come to enlighten human beings.  They were genetically altered humanoid automatons, cloned biological entities, actually, (working for someone else) who were harvesting biological specimens on earth for their own experimentation.”  (The Day After Roswell by Corso and William J. Birnes, quoted in Howe (1998) p. 31).


Cosford - a series of sightings from Bristol to Cornwall and the Penines in March 1993, see link to the left on previous page.


Crop Circles – A global phenomena occuring in ice and snow, remote marshlands and fields of cereals and tall grasses are circular holes or depressions, sometimes called landing traces, as the lack of footprints or tracks leading to or from the site suggest an aerial device.  When they occur in fields in Wiltshire they seem to become very complex and then get called pictograms or crop-glyphs.  Whether this is due to the ease of hoaxing in this area or sophisticated alien communications seems unclear, and depends on the speed of production and the anomalies present, for example plant genetics, stalks bent to 90 degrees without breakage, and an impossibility by the laws of physics - levels of radioactivity fluctuating at a given point (normally they are thought to remain constant) and magnetic fluctuations, also advanced geometricity.  The Queen recommends ‘Vital Signs’ by Andy Thomas (1998) as good reading material on the matter. One of the earliest cases was ‘The Mowing Devil’ 1678, when a farming dispute led to a paranormal event: “If the Devil had a mind to shew his dexterity in the art of husbandry, and scorn’d to mow them after the usual manner, he cut them in round circles, and plac’t every straw…the man that owns them is as yet afraid to remove them.” (Dr Terence Meaden’s Circles in the Sky has the full account, or see Vital Signs, p.30).  A dramatic one was the Chilbolton Observatory portrait formation which seemed to answer the CETI (Communication with ET Intelligence) coded signal sent out from Arecibo to the globular cluster M13 in Hercules on  November 16 1974. (Not the Voyager (1977) message which looked as if it was designed for voyeurs, the Voyager pair of space probes reached Saturn November 1980 and Neptune August 1989, carrying an image of a naked man with his palm raised, and a naked female).  The signal sent by the Arecibo radio telescope was 169 seconds in duration at 2,380 mhz, at 3 trillion watts – the strongest human signal ever and designed by Frank Drake. It had coded numbers 1-10, key biological atomic elements, formulas and double helix of DNA, pixelated human stick figure, solar system chart, piccy of Arecibo dish. The pictogram at Chilbolton was unusual for being rectangular and pixelated by sheafs of standing stalks.  It showed the portrait of a face with large, slanted oval eyes and  a DNA triple helix in it’s lay (that is the pattern formed by the fallen stems vs the stems left standing).  Perhaps it was constructed by NASA as a little prank, or a dissemination of information which they could not have legistically otherwise have let slip.  Perhaps it was a message to genome sequencers. For a wonderful collection of excellent colour photos of Wiltshire crops circles see Lucy Pringle’s Crop Circles: the Greatest Mystery of Modern Times (1999): “The Nature of God is a circle of which the centre is everywhere and the circumference is nowhere” (Empedocles of Agrigentum, 490 BC ).  There was a lovely Tesla design glyph in Avebury July 2004.


CUFOS – Founded in 1973 by J Allen Hynek and Sherman J Larsen.  Hynek was a professor emeritus in Astronomy at North Western University and went on to be the chief scientific consultant to Project Blue Book.  However he found that “when you get reports from professors at MIT, engineers on balloon projects, military and commercial pilots, and air-traffic controllers, you might one day sit down and say to yourself, ‘Just how long am I going to keep calling all these people crazy?’” (Cousineau (1995) p. 82). UFOCAT catalogue of ufo reports by David Saunders is hosted by CUFOS.


Cydonia – a region of the planet Mars which was discovered by NASA in 1976, specifically dealt with by Richard Hoagland. A man who, at the age of just 19 in 1965 was the Curator of the Museum of Science (Springfield, Mass.) which he linked in a commemorative  event of Humanity’s first visit to Mars (Mariner 4) with 5000 NASA scientists and media folk at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. The start of a glittering space science career. Hoagland’s Mars: The NASA – Cydonia Briefings reached an audience of many thousands and elucidates on the similarity of monuments on Mars with the Sphynx and Pyramids of Giza (Gizeh) in Egypt. His book The Monuments of Mars: a City on the Edge of Forever (1987 and later revised editions) connects the crop circles of Wiltshire’s Barbury Castle July 17 1991 amongst others and the Great Pyramid (Gizeh, Egypt) with the Face (Martian Sphinx) on Mars by geometry and high level mathematics, and Stonehenge with the Pyramid discovered by Vincent DiPietro & Gregory Molenaar in Cydonia (D&M Pyramid).  He has also found a ‘City’ of pyramids and a ‘Fort’, but bear this in mind: “When people find out what makes the stars move, the sphinx will break into laughter and life on Earth will come to naught…” (an ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic text, p.198).  [makes me wonder what ‘laughter’ and ‘naught’ meant in the ancient mind, and it does explain why so many probes to Mars go ‘missing’!].


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