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 They say: "DIREQH ELE/ECE" and "OSNI".  

"DIREQH" is related to the Hebrew "Derekh", meaning "way, path, journey".  "ELE" could be a plural of "El", meaning "God", like the Hebrew "Elohim", and "ECE" is related to the Egyptian "ase", meaning "to introduce" or "to approach".  

So, depending on whether we read the second sign as a "lambda/lamed" or a "gamma/gimel", we can translate it alternatively (since we don't know the grammar) as "the journey of the gods", a prayer, like "Go with God", or "a journey to approach/ introduce".  I translate "OSNI" as the Egyptian "asni", meaning "to make to open",46 either philosophically, as in "to open for a contact" or "to open the consciousness", or, in a practical sense, as in "Open here".

Plastercast handprints with measuring rings

for six fingers, with metallic spraypaint? Unknown.

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